Short decks, kicktail's?

Do many of you guys ride short decks with kicktail’s? By short decks I mean 30in or less. I ask because I just finished a build, for the heck of it (build log forth coming), using a mini-logo double kick 29in deck. It’s tons of fun, but wobbles fiercely above 10mph and I’m standing on top of the wheels.

If you do ride a shirt deck with a kick, what make and model? Thanks

I tried a standard trick double kick skateboard and had no wobbles to about 20mph. What’s your setup? (Trucks, angle, bushings, washers).

I was going to use that board but I was doing wheelies from starts and then I put motor in the front and was reverse wheeling when braking

You could also cut a trick board for smaller size (front nose) and drill new holes to extend wheelbase for a little more stability

Pretty standard setup. Caliber 88 50s with 93mm flywheel clones on rubber angled risers (for the vibration and to extend the wheelbase a bit), factory bushings but tightened down pretty hard. 6355 245kv motor on a VESC with x2 8000 mAh 30c lipos in series.

I actually did extend it some. I put the front of the truck j. The real holes and drilled new holes for the rear of the truck. That pit the trucks right on the angle of the kick giving me some utility out if the kicks but lengthening the wheel base by about 4 inches.

I think your problem is your truck angle. The angle of the board tails is what 20-25° plus and angle riser another 5-7°. That’s 75° truck?

Increasing angle makes it way more easy to wobble. Your making it more sensitive as you go in angle and even more so on such a small wheelbase. If anything I would recommend going to 44 calibers but just getting back to 50° (no kick tail mounting and no angle riser, or flip riser so it shortens wheelbase) would probably be good.


I’ll try to flip the riser tomorrow and see what the result is, let you know. Thanks

Yeah man no problem. Give it a shot.

What would be a good setup in my experience on a small board is 50-44° in the front and 44° in the rear and barrel bushings (higher duro rear) with cupped washers all around.

My board is an old skateboard deck, but I shortened it to 23 inch so there is no kicktail left in the front and just enough in the back to maneuver it around and pull a manual. In my experience it was quite stable even with 12 degree risers up to 15 mph.

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Id love to see some pics, sounds awesome :slight_smile:

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The kicktail might not seem very substantial but it adds a lot of functionality. Here are some pictures:

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looks like a fun ride :slight_smile:

It is a fun and dangerous ride :joy: I am looking forward to see your build thread!

Here ya go…