Short in charging port and new shorts!

I am in the process of taking apart a curret build to add to it. I had everything unhooked except the charging port, BMS, 10s battery, and the power switch. Not sure what happened but as I picked up the charging port it shorted out and popped in my hand. After realizing my fingers were still in one piece I disconnected the battery and started trying to figure out what happened. The only thing I can see is the inside of the charging port is charred and totally black. It was a 5.5 2.1mm female DC connector. Now I need a new one and Amazon only sells packs of 10-100!

Maybe something wasn’t properly insulated? Same thing happened to me before, but for different reasons. My dumbass decided to test the voltage through the charging port. Tada

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Very nice! I have no clue what caused it. Glad it happened now and not on a ride!

This is weird anyway same thing but 12s2p happend today with my port but my dumbass ordered some plugs and thought ok I will replace it I get them in and I try to cut off the old one but u probably aren’t supposed to do that cause Sparks flew so now it is in the very back of my grarge and I am scared for my life if it will blow up or if I just broke a $200 dollar battery what do I do now.(any way if I am invading your post just tell me and I will make my own.)

Lol did you cut both wires at one time??

There was only one wire that was the trippy thing or that is what it looked like

If it made a spark when you cut it then there was a positive and negative wire. When you cut them the metal cutting tool completed the circuit and it sparked. Don’t ask me how I know…

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Yeah that makes a ton of sense how the metal completes the circut so what should I do with the battery

Upload pics to show me what’s wrong. Everything should be fine.

Ok I will wait a min

There is only one wire with in the charge plug that I took off and shouldn’t there be two wires and not one one of them is a inslator

Hotglue my friends

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The insulated one should be positive. The wires around it are negative

So how do I replace it

Do I have to open up the battery and solder it from in there

I’m not 100% sure how that battery pack is wired. I would message whoever you bought it from for advice!

Been there done that… haha

@oriol360 any advice it is your awesome 12s2p battery