Short (sub 33") kicktail decks which are great for esk8?

I’m looking to do a hub motor short board deck, focus on light weight and portability. got serious kicktail envy, for tick-tacs and for easy grabbing off the ground what decks should i look into?

needs to be sub 33" total length and 19"+ wheelbase (enough room to comfortably fit stuff) flat, wide bottom surfaces are good, makes for easy enclosures stiff decks also great, don’t have to worry about enclosure flex

the aileron 121C in particular looks super interesting, you can get it in a VERY stiff configuration, it looks cool, and it’s very flat on the bottom which would make for easy enclosures. also quite light. Downside is drilling through carbon fiber for an enclosure really sucks. fits right in the target range with a 31" length and 19" wheelbase though

Maybe one of these: Ikea skateboard 0057a Decathlon cruiser Longboard%20FISH%20CLASSIC%20SURF%20738843 20180520_122435 Riptide deck (looks the same as the decathlon cruiser) riptide-electric-skateboard-review-full1-1500x1000F395320F-9567-40E1-83F8-61BA0C1B5112DSC06442dsc_0038

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Damn tha decathlon one is really similar to the riptide one. Didn’t know. Good catch!

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I’ve got something in the works for the Spud… not sure when I will get them (ordered 10 weeks ago, and nag them everyday).


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bustin bonsai is nice. @okp did something with it waaaaay back

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I have Wowgo hubs on a 121c Aileron deck… I must say it vibrates and resonates pretty bad compared to wood. Pretty nimble and light.

Gonna change over to Skullboard hubs and wheels to see if this alleviates some of the vibration.



i was about to say “why not just use rubber risers to dampen vibration” but it looks like you already have those, unless those are solid risers?

a lot of those look nice but, isn’t the wheelbase pretty short? tried looking up wheelbase on the decathlon and the ikea but couldn’t find any numbers although i guess if you have a stacked battery, even down to 16" wheelbase isn’t too bad. or is it?

Truncated Tesseract looks nice, but it has essentially no kicktail, and is $206 for just the deck, whew

33" long, 24.5 to 26" wheelbase

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thanks ! this is what I did

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was that enclosure injection molded or vacuum?

the bustin looks really great, actually, love the wheel arches and the super pronounced kicktail, but 16.5" wheelbase is really, really tight. could possibly make that work by doing a 10s3p stacked and having the enclosure be somewhat tall, making up for it with risers on trucks

just 3D printed and reinforced with a sheet of carbon fiber.

the bustin is really cool for wheelings

and the enclosure handled the tricks quite well


oh, forgot about hi5ber as well

30" long, 9" wide, 16.25" wheelbase

although the kicktail isn’t that pronounced


It is a shame that Muirskate and Earthwing don’t seem to be making the Muirderer 33" any more. It also had deep wheel flares, kicktail and had a 19in wheelbase. Not to mention it was a bargain.IMG_2677 Those are 70mm wheels BTW


If you are entertaining suggestions down at 16 inches? Might as well go all the way, you can get a new release “old school” pool deck @15.4 inches…

Sub 16 inches basically you go shopping for popsicles/park decks…

How about the jet spud/ potato, 29” long with a max wheel base of 21”

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29" incher with 17" max wheel base.

Check theyre other boards i got me a 35" marble. I dig it. Havent built it yet tho

Also check thie discount blem boards out good deals if your makin it an eskate anyway

Patrick Switzer’s Rayne Misfortune. It’s not sub 33 but 33, super long wheelbase and if the rear truck mounted in most forward position the kicktail is usable. I am building a mall grabber with that one at the moment, only the concave is hard to make a enclosure for it. image


Moonshine Sidekick