Short through mosfet?


Is it possible to short a mosfet when hooking it up with a power switch? I did that yesterday and the fuse blew. Then I desoldered the output pins and checked the power switch board for any shorts, however there were no shorts. Then I checked between the input terminals on the motor controller and it turned out that there were a short. The only thing I did on the VESC motor controller board was to desolder the 3 wires from the motor and solder them back onto the board. One of the MOSFETS now have a short through it.

How is that possible and what do I do to fix it? I have checked that the outer pin does not connect with the rest, but it still seems that they somehow are connected.

A mosfet is just a switch, so if there was a short it is probably worth your battery somehow or motor.

You also seem to mis R28, that is a seriously important part :fearful:.