Shorted connection

first of all im newbie in this field. Just want to ask if my winboard esc dual setup is already busted. Use it once then suddenly the power is gone. I checked the battery its good. 10s2p but every time i connect the esc the connection blown out, as if.,it is shorted somehow. I checked the esc i cannot see any burned mark in the esc. Thus it mean my esc toast already?

Perhaps it’s the winboard spark model? Hehe sry I couldn’t resist! Do you have warranty?

Nope just bought it here.

Show us a video of the issue?

1565553071514809587067297630869 15655531358221613554595376801777 15655531594474746114929756520230 I cannot attached the video, but only pictures. The plug XT90 was burned so i connect this one but somehow burned also when i connect to battery.

15655533644148755922674058543882 when i connect to the tester for continuity, the tester making a beeping sound that indicate the flow of current is close. Correct me in this if im wrong. Im not technician. When i try the esc of hoverboard its not making a sound and its working properly when the battery is connected.