Should I buy a Winning Remote?

It seems nice but I have red that its crap, that there were a few bad batches etc, connection breaks and it makes your motors stop, or should i go with benchwheel remote?

If you don’t mind dying, winning is just fine. If you don’t want to die, go with mini, gt2b, or benchwheel.

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What about this

ive seen lots of people sell it here

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Yep, that’s a mini. The only concern with buying from China is the fact there is no warranty and if something goes wrong with it you are stuck with it. Buying from a shop here provides a warranty and a community to help you solve issues.

may as well buy from build kit boards if you want a mini. His are 30$

15$ isnt much, if it dies i have many rc cars and one rc boat and can use their remotes, also in my oppinion the battery has the highest chance of dying here and its like 2$

Thanks for your help now i have deieded on the remote!

im very tight on the money so…

The remote is hands down the most important part of an ESK8 build. The remote is the difference between a smooth and safe ride or a signal cut out that can cause serious injury.

Yea I know im super worried about busting my knees or arms since I live to go skiing and with broken things is not so easy and nice

Ive had good luck with both the winning and the mini. The winning has a very short throw though so Id only recommend it for low power boards. The mini has more throw and a better reputation for reliability but its also bigger amd uglier. Once I tried the GT2B there was no going back though.

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isnt gt2b huuuge?

Not if you put it in an enclousure.

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@Acido if you buy the mini remote for cheap from China, you will have to wait a while for shipping. @Jlabs sells them for a bit more, but with faster shipping.

The mini’s from BKB are just about the cheapest you can buy.

I love the Mini because you use regular batteries.

I have the winning remote and still live :wink:

Count your blessings :wink:

Haha, I think you must have luck with the remote. The one works well and the other does not work good

How much is that?

I dont even have a motor or a vesc so… not in a hurry