Should I chance building or just get a pre-built?

(Ok, i don’t know if this is the right category but Hey Ho) I live in Scotland which is 9 times out of 10 raining, so my question is should i risk building my own E Skateboard to ride around on or should i get a pre built one. I’m asking this because if i get a pre built it would be waterproof and i most likely will struggle to build one outright no matter a waterproof one?? The other danger would probably be the fact i have no clue what to do yet…

Most prebuilts are not waterproof

You can make you own board waterproof too. Use the serach bar somone made a big thread about waterproof(ing?) your board.

I’m using a yoga mat as insulation, waterproof switches, waterproof DC jack and rubber grommets. Not a drop of water inside my case, and I ride in Vancouver that rains everyday in winter

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Yeah i ordered also waterproofed stuff. My space cell hat 3 times water damage. (Luck, Just shut off as long it was wet inside nothing broke). Now im making my own enclouse and i try 100% splash water proof. It rains all day long here in Germany since a few weeks.

Okay, i was unaware that it was possible like you guys are saying, would it be slightly more expensive, i assume so?

It would probably be a bit more expensive, and a bit more difficult to do it, but it will mostly likely still be cheaper than if you got an equivalent pre-built e-board

IP67 rated switched and plugs are more expensive than normal ones. For example, each one of my SPST iluminated, stainless, ip67 switches costs about 25$, vs 5$ that would cost a regular one.

If you did decide to go pre-built, the main board that comes to mind as being water proof is the mellow board

But it’s not available. If u don’t want to make any effort to waterproof ur own homemade board I don’t think there’s anything waterproof out there pre-done yet. For the dollars, assuming u don’t screw it up and waste money, it can be much cheaper to do ur own and waterproofing is pretty simple

And the boosted v2 when they are fixed (hopefully not long)

Mellow is the ONLY true water proof board, the rest are water “resistant”.

Maybe ask longhairedboy. He had a rain commuter build posted recently

When you´re from Scotland maybe think about getting a waterproofed mountainboard?

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