Should I change my motor kV, size, or both to get more torque for AT wheels?

Hello. I’m sorry for the motor noob question. I currently have dual 200kV 6369 Maytech motors powered by a 10s6p Samsung 30Q battery. Will changing my motor to 6374 190kV increase my torque to help with 6 inch AT wheel acceleration? What about 6365 170kV motors?

I’m not sure if either larger motor size or lower kV will improve my torque more. My current motors are run by 2x SuperEscs.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Lower kv will increase torque, so if that what you want, I’ll suggest you to choose between 6374 130kv and 150kv…Since you increase on your tyre diameter, you will get more speed. But, you are limited to 10s, so if you change to 12s you will have more power delivered instantly… Also you could play with the calculator, I usually use and https://calc./#/0.

Also SK8 6374 are at a great price and quality…

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Okay. Thanks! I’ll see how much it will cost to change to a 12s battery.