Should i dual 6374 my Raptor?

I got the torque boards 218mm trucks but now that i have them installed there is so much more space on the hanger.

but i dont know if going with a 6374 is worth it because im stuck with a 10s3p form factor.

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The bigger magnets will still give you more torque, but it’s up to you if you want more power at the expense of more weight.

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well thats true, i may keep my current set up for now then, if i want crazy speed ill have to wait next month for my Raptro 2 lol

the Raptor 2 doesn’t go much faster than your current setup.

Its just with the way everyone reacts to the Raptor 2 it seems like its so much faster than my current board but then again i havnt really ridden any other board except for my Raptor and my single motor diy. I wonder why i dont see many people online Ride this board i thought Jason sold a good amount of Raptor 1s but you never see them on social media or youtube. maybe it has to do with all the reliability issues I have delt with and fixed.

A lot of people equate high torque as fast. The Raptor is fast for sure, but it also has a ton of torque. You’re only looking at a few mph more in speed though.

If you do decide to go 6374 i’ll take your 6355 if you wanna sell them?

hmm well I hope there is enough of a difference between the two over all to justify my purchase I do like the 10s4p I wish i could fit a bigger battery in my R1

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I have a dual 6374 12s4p board approaching 30lbs, and a mono 6374 12s3p weighing in at about 15lbs. I use the mono drive 9 out of 10 times because it’s just easier to live with. yes the dual has crazy torque and top speed but you rarely use it to its fullest, especially in the city.

moral of the story, it’s fun to max out a build but I’m finding it impractical as well.

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Thanks for the advice, ill keep my set up as is, its under 20lbs ill keep it that way

I got dual 6374 and I will never go back or less power than this. I’m at the point where 10s isn’t enough

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A 30lb build :eyes: that’s extremely heavy mines 12s4p and weighs about 23lbs


Useless pedantic correction: the R1 is a future model from Riptide, not a Raptor

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I agree, I love the Raptor 1 decks, I bought two decks, built a Raptor 1 and a CarvOn V3. That 10s3p restriction suck

actually never weighed it, just added up all the parts to arrive close to 30lb. I got the 107mm superflys, they’re 5lb alone.

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Jesus 5 pounds… yea I’ll never go above 97mm

They’re worth the extra weight broski

97’s ride perfect for me, doubling the weight doesn’t seem worth it at all.

I’m running a build with 6374s and a build with 6355s.

The 6374s have more torque for climbing hills but the also draw more current and have more drag while coasting. They also generate more heat and noise. Both builds are identical except for the motors and trucks. I do prefer the 6374s when climbing steep hills but I much prefer the 6355s when cruising the flats. Both motors are almost exactly the same KV. By the way, I’m using high output 10s Lipo packs. Personally I wouldn’t recommend putting 6374s on a 10s3p with 25R’s

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I think as the Esk8 market evolves, fast will be related mainly to torque. Anyone can make a board that has a high top speed, but it’s about how fast you can get to that speed. Most Esk8 riders I think would prefer high torque and a max speed of 25-30 mph, instead of decent torque and a 45 mph top speed. Only a small percentage of daredevils will even try to reach some of these insane top speeds

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