Should I swap out my flywheels?

Hey guys, wanted to throw a thought your way and see what people would advise.

I managed to grab a set of genuine flywheels, 90mm 78a, but quickly grew envious of the 97mm 75a sets they had for sale, albeit at about £30 more.

These came today, from France, and I spoke to the great guys at Ride More (they’re associated with as far as I can tell) and they’ve allowed me to send back the 90mm and they’ll ship the 97s.

Clear pro here is that I’ll grab a set of 97 75a but the downsides are:

  1. By Friday I’ll have all of my parts and can start building, so I’ll have to wait for the shipping going both ways.
  2. Expense, this silly mistake will cost me shipping to France. They haven’t mentioned if they’ll charge me for the upgrade and shipping it to me but I assume they will so this will all add up.

The alternative I was thinking was to just use the 90s and then see if 97mm 75a will be available when I need to change wheels down the line (though I hear they won’t be making 75a anymore).

Would love some logical and emotional insight into this since (from my perspective and logic at least) I think I should hold onto the 90s.

As always, thank you guys!


I feel responsible for getting you into this mess and I can’t help! I’m going to go in there tomorrow though and see if I can make a few difficult decisions myself…

Haha! Maybe I should just PM you whenever I have a question. IIRC you’ve responded to each of my topic posts :smile:

I’m curious, and if I can trouble you (if you’re making more trips there) to swap out my wheels (depending on general advice) that would be super awesome.

I’m here this week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back again but couldn’t 100% bank on it…(99%!) Hopefully I’ll get some time in the showroom tomorrow and have a good perv over all the good stuff. Last time it was chucking it down but the guy was pretty keen for me to give a board a try. I’ll report my findings…

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Yes please!

I’m curious, what do you do to spend so much time on these things?

How do I spend so much time on the forum? I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately, long train journeys and long evenings in hotel rooms etc! I got to the Aladins cave today and picked up a set of 97mm wheels plus a few bits and bobs. I think they can’t really sell all the spare parts unless you have an evolve which is fair enough but for wheels it seems to be no problem.

Thanks for the update, I meant to be in a situation where you can explore Aladdin’s cave.

I think I’ll bite the bullet and send them back for the larger 97mm ones since ride comfort will be important for my commute. I cycle to work and been examining the roads to see what wheels would be suitable and there are definitely some ugly bumps and cracks.

Thanks Ben! Safe travels!