Should I upgrade from 9S to 12S?

Hi, I have a 80A HV ESC which can take 12s li-po which have installed on my single motor esk8, the motor is an enertion r-spec 6355 190KV motor. I have a 9s battery made up that I plan on using, but I have enough parts to make a 12s Li-Po pack that i could use. My Question is would it be worth putting 12S on it or sticking with 9s, I want maximum performance but don’t want to stress my components to much.

Here is the ESC i’m using:

Are you going to be mixing old and new cells?

Yes I am they are multistar 5200mAh 10c 3s lipos Which I have wired in series to make 9s, but I have a spare which I can add but yes the spare one is a bit older than the other ones.

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Only 10c? You must be experience pretty slow acceleration is my guess. Also mixing cells isn’t reccomended but usually safe-ish.

the acceleration is fine and the batteries don’t get hot, they can supply 52A constant and 104A burst which is pretty good for electric skateboards. they don’t get hot either.

So would it be worth upgrading to 12S at the cost of having one older cell? In theory I should still get similar or more range depending on the capacity of the added cell?

multistars only give 2-3C in realitly , that’s why he made that comment.

@XIII they actually don’t have a 2-3c rating in reality, I have lots of theses packs I use them in drones and for esk8 they have never given me any problems and I ride hard, They actually have a lower internal resistance than most turnigy 20 and 30c batteries I don’t know where you got the 2-3c from.

somoene tested them on endless sphere! It was mentioned in a thread. And Barajabali had issues with the 6s 10000 mah packs. Because they had not enough punch in 1p

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Oh Right! Ive never used the higher capacity multistar packs but now I’ve heard about that I won’t use the 10000 mah batteries in any of my builds! I’m using the 5000 mah ones maybe the cells in them are from a different manufacturer or made to a higher standard than their higher capacity cells? the 5000mah ones i testes had an internal resistance of 4 milliohms.

i’ve been using the 6s 10c multistar packs for about 8 months with no issues, until today one of 4 is getting puffy, but I think that was my fault… 52/104 is rated but batteries rarely perform this well in the real world, and you should under use your batteries.

I have 2 pair to run at 12s and swap them for 25+ miles range.

I don’t see any braking options on that esc…have you riden it yet?

I haven’t ridden it yet just waiting on a belt, but it has a brake which i hope works well.

You should just go ahead and add the 4th pack and make it 12s. Upping the voltage will reduce amp draw, which will help your situation seeing that your batteries can only handle 50a continuous. You just need some way to monitor each pack so you don’t over discharge. Oh, and the difference between 9s and 12s should be noticeable. I rode 12s for months and then dropped down to 10s and noticed a big difference especially in acceleration and torque. Mind you though, even though that esc is rated for 12s, it may not last long at max voltage.

@Namasaki maybe I should take 1 cell out so it is 11s? it would be a bit easier on the esc.

I wouldn’t do that. Do the 12s just keep an eye on it if your doing hills or riding against strong winds. In case it over heats. If your just riding flat with mild or no wind then likely won’t be a problem. And be cautious at first. Especially with an unknown Esc. The acceleration can be very snappy, even at speed. You really have to experience it for yourself.

Ok I will do 12S :slight_smile: thanks for the input everyone