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I wanted to see what everyone’s doing with their enclosure ports for the motor phase wires.

Already looked through the photos post but after 500 images everything started blending together.

I just have gaping holes where I route the wires out to the motor. While entirely functional, it’s totally aesthetically uninspired.

I’d like to see how you’re doing it so I can copy it and then call it my own and take credit for it.

This is what’s happening with mine:


Its alive!!


Foam tape. They’re just sticking out. No holes in my back side :face_with_monocle:


I can’t wait for the day I can just download X information from my brain and just be able to Google it Remembering sucks :yum:

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have you used these?

did you use the ones with or without connectors?

pics or it didn’t happen.


Lol no havent used yet, going into my next 3 builds :yum: I’ll be using the ones with female bullets, mounts soldered to vescs

This is a good post to start. I intended on cutting holes into the enclosure and sealing it with rtv to make it watertight. Now I can see everyone’s great ideas.

I drilled holes in the back of my esc case and epoxied the female bullets into the holes. I think I stole this idea from someone though, maybe @scepterr?

Oh and don’t forget the hot glue or the stupid 4mm bullets will rattle themselves out


I printed some extra xt90 flush mount pieces and ran them through there.



3D printed cases make it easy.

Google Photos

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I use a 3D printed phase wire guide to secure the phase and sensor wires to the deck and route into the enclosure. image


I just drilled 3 holes, ran the bullets through, and sealed up the holes with hot glue. works great!

I’m doing the same as @Mathias foam tape works as a decent edge sealer and allows for the phase wires to squish underneath out the back.

zero enclosure ports for motors. Charge port is the only port. Occasionally a pair of USB ports on my own builds. I used to make a flat cable for my sensor wires and run it under the flange but i have since started running 12 little wires under the 6 big ones in my wire channels.


For my Boosted clone build I epoxied some bullet connectors to the VESC enclosure. The connectors on the far sides are drilled through and will have the sensor wires extended through them. The sensor wires will be covered with red cable mesh to match the red bushings on the trucks. The black mesh seen will most likely be replaced as well.


Just curious if you get any interference with high amp draw boards. Maybe it is not noticeable since the sensors are neglected above certain RPM so no high frequency distortion occurs on startup.


are you able to find those for 8mm bullets? :wink: