Show us your Commuter boards!

What makes a killer commuter board??? Is it size? power? weight? maneuverability? comfort? looking awesome? Let us know why your setup works well and what is important to you.

To start the thread I’ll share my experiences. As daily esk8 commuter, I have tried to solve this dilemma a couple of different ways but haven’t got it quite right yet.

My current board is a customised 33" torqueboard carbon fibre deck, dual 6355 (rspec) motors, 10s2p battery, Nano X, Caliber II rear and Gullwing Sidewinder front truck (I need that super tight radius when skating in the city).

One of the most important things to me in a commuter is a kicktail. Being able to tic tac and kick the board up to get over kerbs is super helpful. The torqueboard carbon fibre doesn’t have a proper kicktail. So after some irritation I designed and 3D printed one to fit the deck, which made the board wayyy more usable as a commuter board.

The board for me is still just too heavy, the dual motor setup and 10s2p battery adds some decent weight to the board. So I’m planning on trying a single motor (6374 190kv) instead of the dual, to see how that helps with the weight.

Any further suggestions or anyone else have their own commuter boards and ideas???


The “Widow Maker” according to my workmates.

My 34" (?) commuter. Just a 5035 on the back, more than enough for me (for now). Only had it for a week.


Currently in the process of building a commuter board. For me the most important things are comfort, maneuverability, and being light weight.

Planning a single drive with a 6374 (may downsize to a 5055 in the future), with a mount by @marcmt88 with dual idlers so I can have a loose belt and get that natural cruising feel like a real skateboard. Genuine 76mm abec-11 flywheels for comfort and light weight. 10s2p Li-on.

Planing on using a deck somewhere between 28" and 32" to make it maneuverable. I’ll update with pictures once it’s done.

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not really commuting anywhere but my daily driver.

globe geminon 35" deck (on sale for $50), 12s3p 25r, 6374 sk3 sensored hybrid, 90mm flywheels, 15mm 15/40t pulleys. put medium orangatang nipple bushings, thing turns on a dime. not as confident at speed but great for running around short distances.

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10s2p 30q battery, just enougj to uni an back. With some big inclines. Single 6374 sensored, not ideal with 2p only, but perfect for pure commuting. Usb charge ports for mobile or tablet while at uni. And at 5kg and with the small size just perfect :slight_smile:


I’d love to build a small 10s2p liion but am worried about voltage sag. Anybody have any experience with a battery that size? Worth the weight savings? Or would you be better off lugging the extra weight of 10 cells for 10s3p?

if youre using HG2 or 30Q cells the voltage sag will be tolerable, especially with conservative settings. The Koowheel uses a 10S2P and the sag is barely noticable because of the way they have the ESC tuned.


yep. 2p 30’q works reasonbly well with 6374 single.

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my board is a bit of a long range commuter. it weighs a toooooon (pushing 25lbs) anyways, it’s git a single 6374, 97mm clones, and 10s6p. It is a bit of a powerhouse for a single motor build. it

oh yea it’s on a 37” vugenhausen

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Normally using this board for commuting / uni.

Single 6374, 6S 8000mAh 30C Lipo, ABEC11/Evolve 107mm superfly, DIYeboard wheel pulley and some custom enclosures with cheap 40inch drop down deck.


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This is the board I take on trips or when I’m gonna have to carry the board at all…

It has 97mm 75a ABEC 11 Flywheels, Dual 6354 208KV BKB Motors, a 10s3p 30Q battery pack and S2 Bindings. It weighs in at 16lbs, which is a little heavy for a commuter, but its got mad range as well.


The board on the left is my daily driver, 12s5p 15Ah, FOC mode dual 200kv motors on Ronin trucks, 42.5 up front, 25 degree rear.

VESC amp settings, 25 amps battery, 80 motor, per VESC.

16t/36t pulley combo on Ollin 90mm Popoca wheels.


1500+ miles so far


12S5P 30Q 15Ah pack, 16/32 pulley ratio, Popocas on caliber IIs. Dual sensored 6355 Totally Bitchins on the rear truck, 50deg all around with venom 94a double barrels in a loose and snappy rear end and a single 94a barrel with a stock caliber cone on the front cranked down a little.

that’s the old steeze remote in the image, but i’m using the new ones now.


I’m looking to build a commuter board with 5-10 miles range. I’m looking for a really flat long 5S pack that i can run two in series. Does anyone know if that exists? Something like this but maybe more mah ideally?

what did you use as a baseplate for 25 degree in the back on ronnins ?

Ronin has 25 degree baseplates for their precision trucks, which are usable with their cast trucks.


ye was aware of that, hoped he found a usable baseplate at lower cost. there are 4 possible baseplates atm. all to expensive :slight_smile: but thx annyway

Why do I want one of these things so badly.