"Shred Machine" || Lush Machine Deck || 13s5p || Psychotiller enc. || FB Urethane Gear Drive || METR || ABEC 107mm

Time for another build thread. This time a ‘proper’ build of a deck I use daily - done over 3k miles on this deck and totally love it.

I tested my tb218 trucks, and really liked it (those are regular size trucks with 97mm bellow for comparison) image

Deck https://lushlongboards.com/buy/machine-3d/

Luch Machine 3D Length: 38.5” Width 10” Wheelbase: 25.3”-24.54” Tail: 6.45”/6.82” Constuction: 7ply Maple with X-Tuff Composite Profile: 3D Rocker with a kicktail

website says "A simple, no frills bomber shape with the best kicktail in the longboard business” in all the years I’ve skated this is one of my all time fav. decks.

I need something I can really trust for use in traffic - traffic in my city travels max 20mph (if they’re lucky lol) and my only worry is trusting belts in an emergency, so plan on using @Kug3lis’s FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive

This is why I love this deck so much, 25.3” wheelbase means using the tail a MASSIVE stance! image

Enc: Psychotiller split https://psychotiller.com/product/195-split-system-enclosure

I had this sitting about from my Evo build I bought a used machine x and happened to try it - it fitted ! :slight_smile:

Dimensions: Battery area (middle) L 254mm x W 158.75mm x H 44.4mm Length of entire enclosure is 19.5" (L 495mm) Overall width including the flange is 8" (W 203mm)

the scale of the thing with tb218’s and 107s seems fine image




even did a couple of stationary ollies in the kitchen just to see :wink:


Great looking deck. Need to try one. Just needs sexy Surfrodz trucks :yum:


Following this thread! Gonna be fun to see the progress :smile:

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I love it so much there’s a third variation i want to make - I want a deck so badly that can be ollied with some 6.5" tires my bajaboard really annoys me, I’ve wanted to jump off beach path onto the dune and ride it down to the sea BUT without a tail its no fun at all :wink:

undecided so far, I really want to find a truck that can handle leaving the ground - I don’t think many ‘longboard’ tucks are designed with that use case in mind - there’s a wall that has a 4ft drop near me that I’ve never managed to land in all the years I’ve skated (30+ active) there is simply not enough space to get up speed enough speed to ride out, always dreamed an esk8 could finally help me beat it :wink:

I wonder if there is space for big wheels here … :wink: image

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The board looks really small, like a cruiser, until you realize that’s on 107mm wheels

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I’m hoping @Kug3lis 's 240mm hangers might not even look ridiculous on it :slight_smile:

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I think not, it will somewhat resemble the Urban Assault form NoWind

No they’re really not. RKP trucks don’t take well to large drops at all. Broke my cruiser dropping off the local skatepark 6 step for a bet. Snapped at the pivot. Best off using tkp variants with urethane.
That build is again awesome and the small off roader well I’m double interested in that for inspiration for my sons mini mountain board build. He wants to be able to come up the beach with me on the baja when it finally arrives lol.

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I really worry about the strength of long-board trucks for this deck…

I wonder if @Kug3lis could make me some custom long hangers that would fit say Independent trucks? :slight_smile: