Sidewinder trucks electric skateboard build

ever want a awesome carvy ride on a esk8 well I do and I want a flexible deck and sidewinder trucks many people said its not possible but I’m still doing it lol everyone is welcome to join WITH PICTURES!

update 1 I have the deck the trucks and the wheels I’m going to use orangatang wheels and vesc and remote from diy emporium


update 2 I just bought a 190kv motor from torque board (diyelectricskateboards) and there motor mount and pully set I’m going to use the 36t 16t fully set and I just bought 2 3s 7000 mah batteries its all gonna be here in 1-2 weeks

if anyone wants to build the same esk8 as me heres the link to everything I bought heres the best deals

sector 9 longboard:

oranatang kegal wheels :

red bones bearings :

vesc :

mini remote :

3s to 6s balance cable :

torque boards motor mount : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/

190kv torque boards motor : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/

orangatang pulls set 36t 16t : diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/36t-kegel-pulley-combo-kit/

2 3s 7000 mah batteries :

series xt60 connector :

xt60 connector for vesc :

6s charger : yep thats all about everything you need


I have a very similar Sector 9 deck and trucks. Lovely ride. Not motorised it yet though. Interested to see how you get on. How are you going to mount to the trucks as the mount you have is for calibers? I think I found I was going to have to change the trucks from drop through to regular to get the clearance for my mounts.

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how are your sidewinder trucks handling with the electric motor?

If I’m not mistaken, you probably paid a lot more for the remote controller.

Yeah, he paid…

what I’m planning on doing is grinding the trucks a little bit and use a file to get the shape kinda

I know :frowning: but I want a good controller that won’t loose connection and stuff

I don’t know yet the motor mount and motor haven’t come in yet but ill let you know once I get it all setup

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Following…I build my board with 50 degree rkp trucks and miss the carvyness of my generation 2 evolve board…ordered some evolve gt trux to see if I can get that feel…coming tomorrow…:wink:

Nice man carving is the best on a long board

Let me know if those DIY mounts don’t work out on your sidewinders. My ripba mounts fit with about 2 seconds of filing.

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Awe man I should of get those :frowning: oh well looks like I’m going to have to do some work to have the motor moun Fit on lol aka sanding, grinding ,job weld, file and other things hahaha

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I love to hear that you are willing to put in the sweat equity!!! You’ll be able to make it work.

Yep haha this will be my first board lol I’m 16 lol but I really want to get into esk8


werd?? im 17 bro… i wanna get into all this two but its gonna take me a while cus parts are expensive…

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Ya man ikr the total coast for me includeing my deck trucks and wheels is around 750

I don’t know yet because the motor mount didn’t come it yet