Signal Strength: PPM vs UART with VESC

I have a FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 based on VESC 6. In order to calibrate and map my input settings using the VESC tool, I setup a VX1 remote using the PPM connection, cause with any other connection the VESC tool input wizard will not work.

Every time I would turn the board on, I would have to pair the remote. So I had the impression the signal between the remote and the VESC/receiver was not terribly strong. About 4 weeks ago the signal was lost while I was accelerating uphill at about 20 mph and I was thrown pretty hard from the board. Thank goodness there was no car behind me.

I hit up Helen at Flipsky who told me to change to UART connection, which I did with my VX2 remote. The remote is paired immediately after turning the board on, without having to specifically pair it. Also, I can control the board from like 40 feet away. The signal SEEMS much stronger, but I am still lacking confidence when riding and this is not safe.

Can anyone give me a technological explanation for why UART communication is considerably stronger with VESC than is PPM so that I can ride with more confidence and less hesitation?

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Bumpty bumty

Maybe you just got a bad vx1. Did you open the vx1 up? There have been cases where the wires to the throttle came off due to a bad solder joints. Maybe something like this is the case with your too. That you needed to pair it each time new sounds strange thou. Even if you would have a bad connection between remote and receiver there wouldn’t be a need to pair them each time you switch on your board.