Significant Accidents- What happened? Share your lessons learnt here

I’m yet to have my first significant stack, but after a few near misses I know it is coming. Reading various threads has given me insight into how to reduce the risk of occurrence, and if the worst happens anyway- how to reduce the impact/ consequences. I thought a dedicated thread might make a good resource to new e-skate riders. Apologies if it’s been done before, a quick search didn’t show anything up that captured the problem more broadly than a single incident.

Think of this as the incident or near miss register!

So with that said, what was the situation that resulted in your most significant e-skate accident? What did you learn? What did you change as a result?

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This one -

I’m working on a short documentary about it right now that will be very insightful.


Vibration/Shock Damage.

First time I experienced this, several fan blades on my Yuneec E-Go snapped off and jammed themselves between the outrunner can and motor cover. I didn’t get thrown off, but It caused me to wobble dangerously while changing lanes.

Second time components on my VESC were shaken off while riding the particularly nasty parts of DC in the dead of night. Twas late and I was out of range of help and so I soldered the components where they roughly came from and hoped the board would start up. While the board managed to carry me the remaining 20 miles despite my piss-poor solder job, FOC stopped working right.

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