Silicon tape for battery pack

SO Im planning my first DIY battery pack and I need some advice. So far the plans are to build a 12s8p block. Wrap the sides in Silicon tape, place slim rubber mat on bottom of box and on top of battery then the bms wrapped in more silicon tape on top. I’d imagine silicone tape would work great for this or are there better solutions? Thank you

There are few battery build threads here on the forum. Are you using one for reference matetial or do you havd prior experience with liion pack building?

Also, what did you do in the Army? I got out in 2015.

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Silicone tape is great, we for the most part use it for power wire insulation because it’s so flexible and heat resistant.

I would make sure that your battery pack is also heatshrinked. If you wanna be doubly safe, heatshrinked the pack, put on your silicone layup, and heatshrink around all of that.

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I was a 63B Light wheel vehicle mechanic! What about you? Im referencing the thread where Jens did his Leopard 80mm build and toward the end he built a 12s8p pack. I pretty much want to wire it up like that. Doing a couple layers down the parallel connections and then a couple 1/2’ braided copper wire for the series connections. He doesn’t use BMS but I’ll be installing a 150AMP BMS and probably a loop on top for quick access if I need it. My Vesc’s have anti spark switches built into them so I’ll be using them for my primary on/off switch. I think ,lol.

I’m having trouble find such a big heat shrink since my pack will be a big block measuring 150mm x 220mm by 65mm. Any ideas? Id def love to buy it if I can find it. This is pretty much the reason I went with silicon tape. But I also have some liquid tape I wanna put over main bulges of wire then I’ll have 1/8’ sticky rubber pad to go along the edges of the box and also to sit along the top of packs and below the bms. I’ll also more that likely have that loop and a Volt meter.

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Wow that thing’s a brick! I hope that’s not your first battery because it seems like quite an undertaking. I’ll look into anything I can find for it…

I’ve got something!

eBay listing here

Since your pack is 65 on two sides and 150 on another two, you’ve got a total of 430mm. A 500mm flat width should work well and give you a nice thicker shrunken width. It’s a little pricey but it’s a meter, you could probably have luck reselling some of it on the form.

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Gotcha, I was an 18D in 3rd Group. Good times. Good luck on the battery build! Be sure to do a build thread and add some pictures of your process. That will get more eyes on it and hopefully catch any potential mistakes. Also your build log will be a good place to ask any questions you might run into.

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Sweet thanks brother I appreciate it!!

Cool thanks brother I sure will!! Getting the batteries, motors and other stuff in today Spot welder and nickel strip and braided copper wire comes on Wednesday. Still waiting for BMS but I’ll start the basic build on Thursday and take lots of photos. I def dont wanna screw this part up lol

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