SILICONE Lubricant, Is anyone using it on their belts?

I fly collective pitch helicopters. Some are belt driven. When I add silicone as advised to the belt and pulleys it makes it run oh so smooth. Along with preserving the belt it’s very much a performance factor and surley alows a tight belt with less binding resistence. I am wondering if anyone puts it on their drive belts? I am thinking it should improve performance however I am worried about the torque involved. Let me know if you have any experience or if not I will experiment and get back to all.

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Do you have a recommendation? I’d like to try it out.

Pyroil silicone lubricant spray is what I use on my helicopter belts. It soaks it right up. I usually spray a little into the cap it comes with and then dip a qtip in and turn the belt applying to belt and pulleys. When I do it everything feels free like a brand new bearing. I’m just worried if it would cause any sort of slippage since the loads we are so heavy. However it’s not that kind of lube. So it seems like it would only be beneficial to use it. Preserve belts and increase speed/performance. Guess I will try tomorrow and let people know. I feel it will be a positive result.

Interesting. My belt collects so much dust when it’s dry that any moisture or stickiness would create little mud drops flying off. I think a belt cover would be more effective, you need to keep the dust and pebbles out from under the belt. Any silicone that Im imagining would build up dirt under the belt.

It’s not that kind of lube that causes gummy mess. It’s different. People use in rc all the time.

If anything silicone repels water and is a protectant for all rubber. A dried out belt would be a dying part.

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So it’s more like a rubber treatment? something like Armorall for car tires then, that’s probably a better idea than me washing with handsoap every two weeks.

Yes. My rc belts soak it up. Doesn’t leave a shine at all. Just frees things up and smooths them out.

Added it to my drive belt inside teeth and out. Already super smooth. Motor spins more freely. No friction. Belt is tight but turns like it’s not. Will test drive tomorrow and see how it performs and how clean it stays. Already when adding with a qtip it removes dirt/grime.


Cool. and plese post on how to find this stuff on internet or where to find analogue lubricats elsewhere! Seems like a really good ‘‘upgrade’’ / maintaince feature.

OK great news. Just got back from 12 mile ride, went up sea world drive and around Fiesta Island twice. Let me say that after applying pyroil silicone lubricant spray it had a noticeable difference. Way more smooth. Here is the one I use.

It must be a spray


I have never used this product but it looks like someone got wise and mad a new product specifically for rc belts. It’s brush on.


I do have to mention that very little dust did stick to the belt. It had dust before but with the lube i notice it. But that is a small price to pay for perfomance. Plus it gives me a reason to reapply which cleans it off.

You think this would work?

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I looked it up. It’s not scilocone however it may have its place. It did say it’s tacky substance which could be bad for dirt good for slippage. I think that a conditioned belt would help prevent slippage also. It’s fresh rubber vs dry rubber. Which is accomplished with silicone for sure. You would have to just try it. Don’t think it would hurt anything but wonderin if it does the same thing where it reduces friction while adding a more grip like contact.

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The good stuff

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I actually increased my top speed by 1mph. That’s pretty significant considering all I did was silicone my belt.

Does it reduce friction and speed up your drive train?

Ordered this. I’ll post results


Wow this stuff is great! I feel less rolling resistance on the push. Eliminated minor belt slippage when coming to a hard stop. It even feels like acceleration improved slightly. Really good use of 7 bucks! Highly recommend. My belts are pretty new but faded slightly, they’re blacker now and look nicer than new. It even sounds different, smoother.