Silicone wire in europe (possibly XT60/90 connectors as well)

Hi guys, I’m planning on buying a bigger batch of silicone wire and I was wondering if there was any interest for it among you guys. If so, I will order extra and sell to you. It will not be a group buy since I don’t have time to keep track of everything that comes with a regular group buy. Instead I will put together a simple webshop where you can pay with PayPal or credit card and all orders will be processed there.

I’m ordering 12awg in red/black/blue/yellow and 10awg in red/black and it will most likely be from the same factory where Turnigy cables are made. I’m still waiting on samples.

Price will be somewhere around 2-2.5 euro/m.

I’m also waiting to hear back from a supplier of AMASS connectors XT60 and XT90.

Let me know if there is an interest, else I will just order for myself. Cheers

Not sure why you want to go through all that trouble. Hobbyking sells the wire for like 3.5€/m (cheaper if you buy more).

What would shipping cost be like? From which country are you? Otherwise I think u need to ‘‘bundle up’’ with some more items to be make a somewhat complete shipment worth the shipping cost.

Unless ppl start buying over 10 meters of cable here :smiley:

@Maxid: I know. But it’s not all for my own hobby. My father has his own business in automation tech and he wants cable as well. If I can get connectors and some other stuff like JST connectors etc, I will add that to the shop as well so people can get most of the stuff from the same place.

@Okami: Sweden. I’m still looking into shipping options. From what I can tell from my post office online documents it’s 8eur up to 2kg as unregistered mail. My brothers girlfriend works at a store with post handling so I will check prices with her for both unregistered and registered.

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is it just the same ass normal or is it special

What do you mean? It’s pre-tinned copperwire. 680/0.08 for 12AWG and 1100/0.08 for 10AWG.

Rated 600v and 200c.

So is all ‘‘silicon cables’’ just copper but tinned? I always thought it is some sort of flexible aluminium strands… :slight_smile:

Btw - can you give us your shop’s link? Im too lazy to search around… not sure how to find it either…

Well, the flexibility comes from a combination of using a silicone based coating and thinner strands. 12AWG has 680 strands of 0.08mm wire for example. Regular stiff cables has fewer and thicker strands and often PVC coating.

The webshop isn’t done/public yet. I need to figure out supplies etc first but I did start on the page yesterday when I couldn’t sleep.

Sneak peek:

Oh ok, I thought it is perhaps located in the eu.esk8 marketplace…

Did not know you started from scratch / use a platform on your own :slight_smile:

Hah some cool background - inside info you know about wires… Did know they are quite small but not what diameter and how many of them lol

Anyways - Nice work, if money permits, perhaps buy some remotes to put in stock… I just have a feeling there’s not many enough on our side of world lol (Im from North / East Eu basically)

Yeah, I would like to find a good batch of FS GT2B, but since they are so cheap on ebay it would probably be to much of a hassle dealing with customs etc for them.

Forgot about the customs. they suck, Agree.

I would be willing to ‘‘get’’ / order benchwheel’s remote… It has some nice functions, like slow/fast mode and also the ‘‘thumb wheel’’ which a lot of ppl also like… (not sure exactly how much thumb vs stick ppl but anyways)

Also, I prefer to only supply “dead” things like cables and connectors. Not much that can be pre-broken that would need refunds etc :slight_smile:

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hah smart thinking…yes