Silly question on best bolts to use for attaching enclosure to board

hey guys, whats the go to bolt/screw you guys use to mount the enclosure to the deck? Im 3d printing a custom enclosure and not sure which dimensions i should settle on. Im thinking a flat top head would be best for lower profile. Washers on the top? Nylon threaded nuts? Something sturdy, but can be easily removed for accessibility

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Personally i like hammerable nut inserts the most. Also the more common nut inserts are good, those that look like just threads.

Lots of other threads on this:

I suggest threaded inserts for wood surfaces. That way they’ll be flush with the board, making it easier to cover with grip tape.

I second this. I did this with my build and don’t regret it.

Sorry to ask inside your thread but I thought it can be usefull since we are talking about threaded inserts. I was wondering does someone know where to find it in EU at a reasonable price? I can only find them not for less than 15 Euro 8-10 of them + plus shipping which sounds a lot. On Aliexpress they are cheap but I am still waiting for mine for more than 1 month now. I am looking for M4 x 8mm or 10mm should be fine too. Thx guys!

So the threaded inserts go into a bored hole on top of the deck and the bolt goes up from the bottom? I guess i’m still a little confused on how the bolt attaches. Is there a corresponding nut?

No you drill a hole at the botton of the deck. put the insert in it with epoxy to make it stronger. Then you attached the enclosure to it. Result you don’t go all the way throuw your deck adn on top you can put your grip tape without see anything NIce and clean :smile:

Ah, thanks. I also just saw this video:

Do I have to use epoxy or would a good wood glue work? Any particular kind of wood glue work best?

it has to stick with wood and metal. With epoxy I meant also Loctite or whatever similar.

Cool, i have some red loktite

Loctite red doesn’t stick to wood. If you drill your holes to the proper size, you don’t need epoxy. If you over drill them, then use epoxy.

I was thinking about the superglue one but probably it’s fine too. There are people who didn’t add anything and didn’t have any problem. Of course it also depends if yuo are going to attach all the hardward part (battery, vesc ecc…) to the deck. The enclosure should only acts as cover.

EDIT: I checked now the red loctide is for metal insert so better to look somewhere else

How many u need?

Let’s say 10

My local hardware store only had M4 x 12mm inserts so I had to file them down under 10mm to get them in my 13mm thick deck

Isn’t that method good enough? Do you guys think that epoxy is still needed? I would be afraid of epoxy getting inside the insert screwing things up… How would you guys recommend applying the epoxy?

Some inserts include a hex hole for an Allen wrench. If you drill the holes just right you don’t even need epoxy.

I can’t find them locally. I bought them on ALi more than 1 month ago but still nothing.

I know just say that two drops don’t hurt

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