Simple, cheap, 1st build for and with my 9 yo son

Yeah, the safety gear will be there. No worries. I’ve already joined the forum… I’m also not worried about him getting faster than me - my mother doesn’t allow me to ride any skateboard anyway :anguished:


i c that now, i imagine he weighs like 45kg? single hub could be good option but not very serviceable. what do u think :slightly_smiling_face:

I was bombing a local hill the other day and hitting around the 50kmh mark and when I got home I had the tapping of the feet…I had the crossing of the arms…I had the distinct impression the wife was upset. She was behind me in her car apparently and didn’t realise just how fast they can go. I had to do the explaining…


Careful, Lol my woman stole my loop key :rofl:


He is more like 35kgm and I’m not a big guy, so I guess it would take him a while to reach 45 kg…


That feeling when a car is behind you at a red traffic signal, irritated you’re in front of them and trying to go around you (since you’re in the middle of the lane) then the light turns green and you just disappear, accelerating faster than their car can. That feeling


ya cruising intersections when lights change green and u crush it :crazy_face:

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They should realise by the way you are leaning forward at a 45 degree angle that something special is going to occur


honestly I would take the mines over high school


Two decisions so far:

  1. We’re thinking of taking the HUB instead the belt route. I’m sure more torque can be gained with a belt and there are probably other benifits, but considering it’s much simpler to install, and going to be used by a 35kg kid, I think HUB makes sense.
  2. We’ll use a vesc. The only reason not to was price, but one of the commenters above was kind enough to offer to send us a great unused vesc for free(!!!). If he wouldn’t mind I’ll let you know who was it of course. We’re both thankful, surprised and thankful.


  1. Found this cheap hub: Maxfind 70mm/90mm Motor 500W. There are many spces but no KV rating. Any simple way of calculating it from what’s there? Anyone experienced with Maxfind hubs?
  2. I’m realizing that mounting a hub can be trickier than mounting a regular belt mount, as I should find a matching square peg for the hub. Does that mean I’m better of ordering a hub plus truck from the same source?
  3. Is there a minimal battery limit for a motor, and if there is - how is it calculated? Considering the prefered low top speed I would like to use a lower cell battery count, like a 3S for example.

Again, thanks in advace!

I can’t recommend cheap hub motors.

But yes, it does mean that would be the much preferred way. Don’t spend too much money on the hub motor and hanger though because it’ll get replaced anyway in due time. It will get you moving sooner though.

The VESC software has a way for you to measure the motor kv, but I would ask the seller before purchasing. 60kv to 90kv is a good range for that, preferably lower.

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Cheap hub-motors are fine In budget dual setups and they work! But in single is it worth it?

(Cheap) hub-motors are prone to get cuts from small rocks and glass, (Cheap) hub-motors do less to prevent vibrations than regular urethane longboard wheels, making for a less comfortable ride and a worse situation for your electronics.

Also cheap hub-motors have a thin layer of urethane that will wear-out quicker than regular longboard wheels costing you money in the long run.


Happy to see more Israelis in here please ask away in PM if you want

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I contacted the Maxfind store on Aliexpress, to ask about the kv. The first answer was “What do you want it for?? these are for skateboards” :man_facepalming: When I said it’s for skateboard, I was told: “If you want to use this motor ,you need to buy the truck.” So much for these guys.

Two updates:

  1. I forced my son to stand on a weight, and he’s just 30kg, and not 35! We just got a little bit more torque for free :smiley:
  2. I’m bidding on a used 2x Maytech hubs offered on the “used items” board.


Since we hoping to get a single VESC, can we hook and run just one of the two hubs while leaving the other unconnected? I know hubs suppose to be able to spin without power, but I’m not sure if they would have high resistance or something.

Wouldn’t recommend doing that really. No point when you can run a free wheel. Just put it away till you decide to go dual. Or as a back up.
Maytech’s are good hubs reliable and torquey but there are other good inexpensive options (was going to say cheap and good but @b264 will jump on my head) @rey8801 has done some good reviews on hubs and knows his stuff.


I wouldn’t recommend running the hub in connected. Instead either buy a spare 90mm flywheel and swap it with the pare hub motor or ask around if anyone has some left over ones

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Well if you decide to go belt route, I have a mildly used evolve 5065 150KV motor that is collecting dust, so if you find it useful I’ll ship it to you free of charge, just pay for the shipping.

I am from Europe so it shouldn’t be much…

It’s not pretty, but its almost new, and fully functional.



@visnu777 is selling used replaceable 90mm hub motor for cheap. @owlen yuu could ask him. You don’t need a vesc, you can also go for a cheap ESC capable for two hub motors. Or if you have a 4.12 VESC buy another from Flipsky for 60$ and you are done. Nice set up for cheap.


This forum rocks… Thank you all! @Eretron - thanks a lot man! Already arranging for shipment of the above, but with all the goodwill going on around here I’m starting to think I’ll end up building one for myself :upside_down_face:

@dareno @pat.speed - I understand. So I’ll probably remove one and keep it as a backup, and replace it with a free wheel. Can I assume that the truck, after removing the hub, will fit any 90mm wheel? Should I care about the width and other params, or “90mm flywheel” is the standard I should look for?

Unless (tan tan tan): @rey8801 Someone offered to send me an unused TORQUE ESC BLDC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER - are you saying that it can hook up as a master to a different (cheaper) vesc (or the flipkey you mentioned) and it would work normally? If that’s indeed the case than we might connect the 2 hub as well(!!)

Any 90mm wheel should fit as long as the hub truck has a solid axle, some of the hubs (ie meepo) have the axles attached to the hubs themselves

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