Single 6384 or dual 6354?

Hi guys, in need some help do decide which configuration to use: single 6384 170kv motor controlled with focbox on 40A most likely or dual 6354 180kv but if I go dual I would need to change the vesc to dual setup I would like to use 97mm wheels and there are no hills but i’d like some torque im 200lbs Thanks

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I already have the focbox and i am wondering if it is worth to change it for dual (probably flipsky 4.12 or 4.20 dual +)

Duals IMO, at 200 lbs you’ll enjoy that extra tq from the 54s. I run dual 6374s and can argue it’s a bit overkill, I just don’t put it the paces.

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ok but i would need to change the battery probably becouse i have 10s5p NCR18650GA 3500mAh and it can output 50a MAX,searchweb201602_7,searchweb201603_55 these are crazy cheap but i would need to overvolt them

If it’s flat where you live, a single 6380 will get you there. You can run a lower gear ratio and get some nut wrenching torque and still have a top speed north of 25.


Dual 6354. More tourqe more power more braking power more $$$ more better looking. But if ur 200ibs a single motor is not recommend vs dual anything. Personally I would go for dual 5055 vs Singel 6384. As u can guess I think dual is better.

But what battery u got? 40A is not a lot. 7s 10s 12s?

Let’s say u run at 10s that’s 36V nominal 36 volt at 40A = 1440 watt 36 volt at 20A = 720 watt x 2.

But a more balanced ride.

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Doesn’t matter how much your battery can give (that only affects torque at high speed), bigger motors with higher settings will always see you an improvement in acceleration from standstill.

However, dual drive is almost twice as expensive, so I recommend single drive for a board you plan on riding on the sidewalk / bike path, where you don’t plan to be affected by wheel slippage. On the road however, dual is an absolute must imo.

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For a 215 lb person a single 6380 is plenty, if it’s a good one like the TB6380. A Maytech 6374 is barely enough, but it is enough. For dual, 6354 is plenty

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I rode a single drive 6374 10s3p at full setting if I remember correctly it vas a vesc 4.12 so about ~45A

My dual 4.2 6354 flipsky Total 60A . I personally felt better difference in tourqe. And oo breaking was a lot better on dual setup.

I weight ~ 90Kg

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Thank you so much guys i have to think It over becouse i dont want to spend a lot od money, before i was running 213kv 6364 sk3 motor and IT was fast but not that torquey i am using 10s5p battery 50a max but it is set to 37a i think. If i change the motor i would run IT on 45 a probably, and the range is amazing, with 6364motor i could get like 60km

I just would like to get a bit more tourqe, i dont want to kill myself, and i dont know if the motors i linked are any good

Sorry for spaming but: if i gear it Wright like 16 to 40 or 45 could i get the same torque when using dual setup, and what do you think of overvolting those motors , would it be unefficient?

You’ll never really get the same torque with single as dual.


@b264 has multiple single drive 6380 tb builds and he’s 200lb ish . Think he runs them at 15/40 -15/42 on 110mm wheels. Plenty of torque. Not really high top speed tho.

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I am 65kg ish but would never run a single drive. The more torque the more fun. Currently building a dual 6384.

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Maybe he uses 130kv aps?

Ok but if i go dual schould i change the battery?

He uses single 6380 tb motors as his first choice.

You don’t have to change your battery just because of dual drive. Its not a big difference. Its probably more efficient on dual because you wont be full Throttle all the time trying to accelerate like you would on single.

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thats true, Thanks, ill go for dual then

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