Single drive build for sale 260$!

I am working on another build . So selling this one…


Racestar 5065 1650w 200kv sensored motor 1:3 transmission Pulleys.

Things included:

  1. 200kv motor described as above
  2. 6s bms 15A , i used bms output for my led lights
  3. A cc step down converter for led lights
  4. Imax b6 ac charger (built in adapter)
  5. led lights brand new
  6. custom made wii nunchuck Remote
  7. vesc 4.12, it has a weird issue that i cannot change speed, soo it runs on constant speed

No errors displayed on bldc tool, maybe you can fix it and get it working

(no problem on side of Remote as it works with other escs) 8) Battery indicator lcd type display 9) trucks 10) wheels 12) HC05 BLUETOOTH module for monitoring vesc 11) * everything is already installed*

Whats not included:

  1. deck.
  2. Batteries


Working video: