Single drive Sk3 6364 245kV | 83 2x4S 5Ah Lipo | VESC 4.12 | 3D printed mount and enclosures| upgrade

Hi folks, I’ve been around some time, reading and studying your awesome builds. I’ve pulled the trigger in July and this is what I’ve came up with.

Motor: Turnigy SK3 6364 245kV Board: Murksli Slider Trucks: Paris 180mm Batts: 2x4S 5000mAh Lipos Charger: ISDT SC-620 with parallel charging DIY cables, charging time 35min @10A VESC 4.12 Motor mount: 3D printed with XT-CF20 Enclosure: 3D printed with GreenTEC Wheels: Orangatang Kegels 83mm

Top speed: 30+ km/h Range: 14 km, 16km/h average

Now, while I find my setup to be perfectly fine in terms of overall performance, I’m looking for a slight (few hundred $) upgrade: Motor: 190 kV sensored 6374 Battery: additional 4S so 3x4S - 12S setup Wheels: ABEC11 97mm, 75A ESC: Focbox (because of, you know, FOC) Trucks: Caliber II 50 or TB 218mm

What do you guys think? Should I go for even lower kV motor like 170 or 149 kV? Sensored? I’m quite set on 97mm wheels, Kegels are great but roads to my workplace are 40% rough. Need a smoother ride.

Paris trucks have some long-term limitations (too much hassle) for my 3D printed mounts so basically upgrading them to better profile is a no brainer. 218mm will give me even more options for the future (2x6374 anyone?), but raw Calibers just look so nice.

What do you guys think? What’s rational upgrade and what’s not? Any hints and experiences are welcome.

Sounds great. The torque boards trucks are a must if you want to go dual 6374. Maybe just add a 2s lipo so it is 10s otherwise you might get quite close to the erpm. Or you could lower the kv your choice

It’s easier to add another 4S lipo and to charge 3x4S lipos in parallel @15A than charging 2x4S and then additional the 2S :slight_smile: 12S with 190kV motor calculates it to 59k erpm, so still in the ballpark. Maybe changing the wheel pulley from 36 to 40T will be good for acceleration too.

Yes I know it is not over the erpm normally, but if you go full throttle down a hill you may hit the erpm and fry the Vesc. I think there is a setting to limit this though in the Vesc tool. I see what you mean about the charging now and yes 12s would be easier

That is correct…luckily I don’t go full throttle down the hill…I’m all regen in that scenario :slight_smile: Limiting it to 60k erpm is correct way. I have it set at 100k atm which is default value.