Single motor, driveshaft trough truck for 2wd?

Has there ever been a serous attempt to have a single motor driving a shaft to which two wheels are attached?

This question is just in principle. I’m not crazy enough to attempt it.

The idea, mainly because of cost of 2x motors 2x esc etc. I agree this is a LOT simpler. And so is a single motor drive. But for someone who have some welding ability, how about manufacturing a truck that can fit to a standard kingpin, and have a solid shaft trough, running on standard skate bearings.

Would a rigid shaft be an issues on corners?


You might want to look into

Not exactly what you are talking about, but something that could work for you

I have done it on a mountainboard. I couldnt feel a difference from regular 2WD, except a bit when the wheels got really big (290 mm).

Standard 8” mountainboard wheels where just like dual motors.

Yes carvon Randy attempted.i tried, I just 3d printed extended shaft with a gear. It did work until weight got involved. But it was 3d printed.

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Very interesting thanks

That maybe a ok idea on straight lines but not on turns and carving. Because the outer tire will need to spin more/faster then the other one. Cpich

I found that it didnt matter until the wheels got very large and very grippy.

Check out my extreme offroad build for more information

This is some insane stuff

Plus all the weight on the inner wheels, should allow for some slip on the outer ones

Interesting. but isn’t it basic physics or something?

No basic physics involved in that statement, but rather a gut feeling.

Assuming pressure differences between sides, friction coefficients, different surfaces etc, the physics to me sounds anything but simple. I base my gut feeling on the difference in radius of inner and outer wheel while turning. It can’t be that much.

someone should make a CNC version of the end piece! or with a dual shaft motor like this:

The sk3 motors come with a metal piece that you can attach to the other end. Almost like the one in the link

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