Single VESC CNC machined Aluminium case

Hi, Friends!

Long story short, my father is making CNC machined stuff and for a year he is making and selling VESC cases single and dual configuration in other websites (Vedder, eBay and etc.).

So today I present Single VESC CNC machined aluminium case

  • Made of anodized aluminium.
  • Weights 140g (without boards)
  • Dimensions 117mm x 46.5mm x 26mm
  • Contact points for FET. Case acts as heatsink

The kit comes with:

  • 1 pc. Aluminium case
  • 6 pc. Rubber Grommets for cables
  • 6 pc. Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad for Heatsink Cooling
  • 1 pc. USB dust cover
  • 1 pc. Original PCB for Capacitors (If ordered with capacitor kit)
  • 3 pc. Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 560 uF x 63VDC (If ordered with capacitor kit)
  • Screws

The prices are:

  • 29€ + Shipping
  • 34€ + Shipping (With capacitor kit)

To simplify shopping experience cases are sold via an online shop.

P.S. To support eSk8 community I have 5% discount code. Just PM me for more information.


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From 24-25th 10% on whole order at




Right angle mini USB extenders are quite handy😉


Looks clean but how is FET contact assured with the case ? Is it black plastic top against the aluminum or you have genuine insulated metal path between the case and the solder / fan area of the FETs ?

(Not gonna polute your thread with my picture of “wrong spot, correct spot” :laughing: )

It’s via the plastic case, there is no possibility to add aluminium to the solder area too thin aluminium would be also because you will short it, plus other component clearance. But it’s not a problem it dissipates heat really well a lot of people are using it with full power settings without any issues. You can ask @scepterr, @GrecoMan they are using them on their builds

The plastic case itself is the weak point and a wall. @rew on Vedder’s forum has tested extensively on this, you could keep the plastic case at 10°C celsius and still overheat the FETs like standard no cooling with standard current levels. Too high thermal resistance.

You can insulate at least with thermal pad on the solder / fan areas and put aluminum paths on your case to press on them. An insulated thermal compound would do the job too and your case would then really upgrade the cooling.

As it is it is a very nice case but it doesn’t improve by itself the cooling.

For a whole Friday only there is winter sale 25%

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Fet contact is perfect, got 6 vesc in cases in operation, never an issue, all cooler than they were with nothing or just heatsink

One caveat ide mention though is your fets do need to be soldered properly, even height and straight

I’m pointing out a potential easy big upgrade for his case (and it is CNC’d so no extra cost).

Your build is evolving no? Did you only swap the case or do (like most of us) multiple mods on your board when you checked differences? And did you measure the temp of just felt it was overall cooler during ride?

DirectFETs are used on Ollin, FOCBOX and VESC6 because all-metal body so a proper dissipation and contact path toward a case or a heatsink is possible. That’s one big difference to make the VESC more reliable. Why bother if the black plastic case was so easy to cool? I’ll look later for the differences in K/W and report back.

BTW not trying to bomb the thread, sorry for long messages. I just feel that your case could become the case for VESC 4xx models with just a bit of re-work. By this I mean : a proper higher amp cooling solution which is plug n’play.

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Still available



This is still available for single vesc. Really nice stuff for those small builds.

Back in the stock :wink:

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If anyone still interested here is the link :wink:

Hi Are you planning to restock those?