Site organization/structure


I’ve been browsing this forum for a few months now, and I think it’s growing enough to warrant a re-organisation of the forum structure.

More specifically - regional threads. I’m from the UK myself, and it’s frustrating sifting through ads and threads for sale that are specific to the US etc. There’s a good market in Europe and the UK now, and it’d be great to have dedicated threads for sourcing things on this side of the pond, local meetups and suchlike.

In addition I think the categories are a little bit broad now given the size of the site - the sooner it is reorganized into very specific sections it think newcomers wont just be lost in a sea of posts, esp considering a lot of info for newcomers is outdated now and hard to grasp - it definitely took me a lot of research before I understood a lot of concepts. E.g rather than ‘Eboard Electronics’ We could definitely split that into motors, battery, vesc now.

Just a few thoughts anyway, thanks for reading :slight_smile:


It is important that some threads need to pinned globally with easy access even for beginners (e.g. Commonly used parts, Choose right motor kv (VESC), …)


Could not agree more - I imagine a type of front page with all globally pinned posts, and then most recent/most active etc as it is now, but then just a bit more structured/sectioned beyond that first page where everything is clearly separated and organized according to specifics.

I understand that when this was more niche it wasn’t worth seperating as there was nowhere near enough content. I just think the community is rapidly expanding and the site would benefit from a bit of a refresh :slight_smile: