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Size isn't everything....or is it? A contoller comparison


What do you prefer, my friend!?
I have a small pile of Nyko controllers right now. I really like the ergonomics of it. Just need to mod em’ so that they don’t ever drop out on me.

Dig the form of the wii …but ultimatly the reliability of the GT2B won me over. The wii needs to not drop out at 30 km/hr or go to sleep when im not moving my arm…then i found the GT2B mini me…just got the package today and pretty stoked. I’m going to hook it up tonight…I got two in case it lives up to expectations. :grin: I’ve just never seen them compaired next to one another before…thought everyone should take a gander. Realizing I have far too many parts…here’s the Badwolf as well

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how do you guys like the mini 2.4ghrtz remote?

getting on that tonight…

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I got two of them, no dropouts or issues, batteries seem to last forever.

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Oh man…the mini works beautifully aand fit in the pocket so easy!!!

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Team Kama over here :sweat_smile:

Perpetual steez FTW.

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I’ll second that.
Though somehow I don’t like to use the perpetual steez for carving, it tends to interfere with my rythm/balance.

I like to stay steezy.

but when i can’t… its GT2B all the way.

This is both ends of the spectrum for me. Because of the price point on the FS and HK GT2Bs, unless you’re buying a nun chuck or steeze the size difference isn’t worth the cash in my opinion for all of the ones in between.

I have an old FS GT2B held together with solder, tape, and hot glue that is scuffed up and half destroyed but still rocks because they get thrown and smashed and can be easily fixed and never drop a signal.


Great thread. I never knew how much bigger the GT2B was, and how close in size all the rest were. I’m rocking the TB mini remote, and no problems to report, but I’m still a noob with low mileage on my rig. Love how small the controller is.

Where can the GT2 B mini be bought?

@Randyc1 You can get them from @torqueboards or more recently @psychotiller.

The mini remote was a great find! Though I do miss the steez…though I don’t miss the feeling in my gut that my board may soon run for freedom or SMF.

The mini 2.4 is stable. no drop outs. no issues with binding. If you don’t have sausage fingers like @whitepony :sweat_smile: it’s the go to!

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I’ve had little experience so far with this remote since I recently finished my son’s board but in the little time I’ve had it, it hasn’t skipped a beat. Cost is in the $90s and is the smallest remote I’ve seen. It comes with a receiver for that price. It also has a second channel which you activate with a switch on the remote, which you can connect (among other accessories) those RC lights to. It fits in my hand very nicely, is light and seems to be at the same price point as all the others.


I may try one of these as well.

@JLabs is going to help make my original design more aesthetically pleasing. It’s actually surprisingly ergonomic right now, especially since the rounded 18650 cell holder part on the bottom has a flat front- your pointer finger or middle finger rests perfectly right there. I’ve been using it as the daily driver ever since I made it, and have to say it’s grown on me.

And the best part is: it doesn’t look like a gun, and can be made from a gtb2, an 18650 cell, and a 3D printed case.


Mini gtb is 45 on ali express.

How much is shipping? It’s free from my site

Got it free to Spain…no idea stateside

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