Size of pulley same for 8mm and 10mm bores?

So I have the TB motor mount, and I use one of the motor screws to hold my idler in. Right now, my 8mm bore 15T pulley barely fits with the idler on. Would upgrading to a 10mm bore 15T pulley have the same size of the 8mm bore 15T pulley? I would think so, but if someone could chime in that would be greatly appreciated!

I’m kind of confused by your question here. Is the problem clearance between the pulley and the idler?

15T pulleys with 8mm and 10mm bore have the same Outside Diameter, just a different bore, so your motor shaft would have to be 10mm wide.

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Sorry for the confusion… IMG_2517 My idler is very close to the motor pulley, so if the motor pulley were to be any bigger, the idler would not fit. I’m thinking of upgrading to a 6384 motor, which has a 10mm bore. You answered my question regarding if the motor pulleys have the same outside diameter, so thanks!

It looks fine to me, a little too close but I wouldn’t worry about.