SK3 5055-280kv never used - $45 + shipping (price lowered)

I picked up a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5055-280kv. It’s new in box, has a 6mm shaft and I’m a big dude, 250+, so I decided against using it. I am flexible on taking a reasonable offer. I’ll ship it your preference. Located in Detroit, Michigan. Thanks for considering, I appreciate it. I’ve also got a motor mount I can ship with it if interested for free.

Specs. Turns: 18T Voltage: 6~10S Lipoly RPM/V: 280kv Internal resistance: 0.031 Ohm Max Loading: 60A Max Power: 1510W Shaft Dia: 6.0mm Bolt holes: 25mm Bolt thread: M4 Weight: 369g Motor Plug: 4mm Bullet Connector

I use the same motor, single drive and I’m a pretty heavy dude myself 100kg thats around 220lbs~. Dont know how fast you wanna go but mine is underneath a normal skateboard deck and it Goes around 30kmph. Fast enough for me.

Do you have pictures of the motor mount?

I had heard conflicting accounts, I ended up getting the bigger 6374 for my setup. This will be a good win for someone who wants it. I bought it for 70 a few weeks ago. Im not too interested in fast, but far. Maybe I should reconsider my setup.

Its this one.

I ended up getting caliber trucks and selling my paris trucks. Same reason as above.