SK3 6354 260KV EOL at HobbyKing

Just chatted with HK support about the SK3 6354 260KV. They’re apparently not available at all anymore sadly. So I’m looking for other suggestions. I really want a 6354/6355 motor in the 200Kv range. Already have a look at Enertions or MayTechs, but I would love your suggestions.

Requirements About 200Kv 6354/6355 size NOT sensored Steath or “silver” look would be nice.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Alien power systems

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still have a 260kv available 55shipped 1 day if ur in california near la

@willpark16 I need two though :frowning: @Tuomalar Thanks! ill take a look

dang sorry bro i only have the one if u can find someone else with one tho just let me know

@willpark16 I will, thanks! :slight_smile:

What about the Tacon 245kv?

@mccloed That one is only 53 mm unfortunately. My mounts only fit 63mm :slight_smile:

the tacon is a 63mm motor

The measurement refers to the stator size. They are 63mm motors. :thumbsup:

wowowowow what?? I didn’t know!! dammit thanks

I just ordered 2 of these the other day. Checked HK warehouse there is 3 in stock in AUS

Anyone knows the wire winds/turns/pole pairs of the Alien HEV 230KV motors? Just trying to figure out if 8S is too much with these for the VESC :slight_smile: maybe @whitepony?

If I rememember right all APS motors should handle 10s. And HEV series motors got thicker cables than the other APS motors.

They do, but I’m thinking about the VESC’s ERPM limit. It’s okay if I run 230kv and 8S if they have 7 or 8 pole pairs, but not if they have nine. That’s why I need to know that number before I order. (If my understanding of that whole ERPM limit is correct.) I don’t want to limit stuff…

this is the 190kv 6355HEV motor - thats all I can contribute. if in doubt, write bruno a mail! @Nowind tried the bigger HEVs, he will know as well!

Thanks, just what I needed! :smiley:

For the Motors Alien says 10S is the max voltage.

Motorwires are silicon ones, but only 14AWG, so not really bigger IMO

@JLabs sold me 6355 190KV motors, check with him

I ordered the Alien 230Kv HEV since they were in stock, and because they’re only 12 poles/6 pole pairs, which means they’re perfect for the VESC at 8s! :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestions!