Sk3 6364 190kv vesc configuration

Hi. I finishing my first board. I have vesc 4.12 with last firmware and motor Sk3 6364 190kv. What parameters i must set for safe using?

IT depedns on battery setup…you should give a complete description. Then we can tell you. For the moment you can calculate the predicted range and speed using

Ok, my setup: Sk3 6364 190kv Lipo battery 10s (37v) 16ah Vesc 4.12 lastest firmware Wheels orangatang Gears 16-36

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Ok so I don’t know which is your battery but since is Lipo you will have plenty of discharge current. With 16Ah the range is limitless basically. If you have a standard Maytech, TB I would start keep battery max within 30A. Battery min depends on the battery and the charging rate. You porbably have 10s2p battery so I would say start with -8A. Motor max to stay safe can be the max Amp for the motor, in your case I think 65A. Motor min start with -65A. Then adjust the min values based on how the brakes feel. Don’t run in FOC, only BLDC.

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Thanks for help. If it’s not a problem, can you show it to me in screenshot from vesc tool?

My battery is lipo turnigy multistar one is 4s 10c second 6s 10c both 16ah

The diameter of the wheels is important too

Its 80mm - 56mm contact - 80a

I think is more important that you understand the passages. I would suggest to watch thish video it does show all the passage and you only need to adjust with your parameter. In the movie is a dual set up. Meaning you have to skip the slave part and only do the procedure once.

Do you have enough ground clearance with the big battery you are gonna use and only 80mm wheels?

Ground clearance is ok, but i have another (big) problem.

Yeh DRV failure is never good. IF you buy it from HK just give it back. The nice think is that they have 1 year warranty so you should get a new one. Based on what I read that HK vesc is able to run in FOC too. I think it;s a good VESC for the price.

Ok, i solved this problem my vesc is alive now. What maximum A i can set?

If you mean Batt max, then for a normal 4.12 hardware VESC I would say 30A max. Since you had problem in the past start with 20A and increase later if everything is fine.