Sk3 6364 190kv what cheap esc / vesc?

Hi I have sk3 190kv engine and searching for cheapest controller for this. My power source is 10s 12Ah lipo battery. Thanks for help

Cheapest is the ebay esc. @dickyho has them

It’s still not fully tested by the community, although other members already bought it since they are quite cheap if they do their job.

Flipsky vesc.

Other option HK vesc. Then Maytech or TV vesc.

Edit: the last one is Torque Board VESC so TB. Not TV

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I got the cheap single motor esc from dicky. Works very good, enough power for me (1200W I think) 190kV will be a perfect motor for this esc.

I have a 10S 5,2Ah lipo battery and getting a range of 17km with a max speed of 30km/h (125Kv motor)


I have a dual @dickyho esc on one of my builds. Flawless so far. Of course vesc is better but i don’t think there’s anything cheaper out there.

Hey @bartroosen12 I have a very similar ESC to this one (theoretical max output of 1350 W) in a similar setup (10s3p lipo battery with approx 6Ah and single belt drive)

I have it connected up to a 180 kV 6374 Motor from MBoards (max draw 3510 W) and I’m not even getting 10 km/h. I assumed it to be the cheap ESC but you had no problems??? Did you have to do anything with your electronics to get that much power through the ESC?

Any advice welcome, very close to spending another $150 on vescs … Cheers

Only 10km/h? That’s very slow yeah, I could hit 30km/h with this setup, after that I changed the motorpulley and got 40km/h topspeed.

What battery are you using (which cells)?

You’re sure you ordered the 10S version of the esc?

And the last thing I can imagine is that the slow speed is turned on (on the remote)

I also added a small heatsink on the back so it didn’t overheat or something but never had problems with the esc actually. IMG_20171024_231946

10s 3p lithium-ion battery setup from mboards, 6600 mAh, 36V and 237.6 Wh so I think the battery is fine. 100% sure its the 10s version of the ESC because i checked that the little bridge which is labelled ‘6s’ ‘7s’ is disconnected (this is supposed to mean 10 s in their manuals). It also has a heatsink on the back already but yeah… pushes me along at an aggressive walking pace aha…

The controller also doesn’t have modes, just forwards and reverse (yep tried both) its the single belt drive ESC combo on mboards if youre curious. Dont buy there though I overpaid for Ebay level items rebranded…

When you apply throttle, what does the voltage look like as you do so? Loaded and unloaded please

Could be a broken weld :man_shrugging:

Mabye he got the hub motor version? Dickyho has stated that if hub motor esc was used on belt drives it would work but with no power :upside_down_face:

Nah confirmed belt version, unfortunately no means to check voltage:/

If the esc doesn’t beep than it’s within the voltage range.

And the remote has no low speed mode? Strange because I even got it on the older remote. Btw which is your gearratio?

Nope only beeps when turned on. Remote only has forward and reverse too so no good there either…:confused: Gearing is 16/36 on a 265mm belt

EDIT: found a secret speed mode control. problem solved (y)

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