SK3 6374 168kv - Weird Noice at High RPM

Hi guys! I have been riding my new board for a couple of months now with no problems, but I recently got this weird noice coming from the motor. As you can see, it only occurs during high RPM. It does not seem to have an impact on the ride, since I think I never actually get to that high RPM.

Having said that, it does seem to be getting worse. What is wrong with the motor? :thinking:


is c clip clear from the mount?

Yep, im using an enertion mount and there is a lot of clearance to the c-clip.

Could be a bearing ?..

Maybe, but I hope not. I honestly dont know where to find replacement bearings and how to install them… :sweat_smile: Maybe someone in Europe could take a look and do the necessary service, and i´ll pay for the labour?

Hobbyking sells a bearing replacement kit,…if that’s the problem ?

Well thats convenient! The question is how I would change them… You dont know about anyone else that has done a bearing replacement, that could walk me trough the process?

Edit: Nevermind, the bearings are out of stock…

First you have to figure out if that is the problem

Ok, so I disassembled the motor and checked the magnets and the bearings. Both of them seemed fine. However I could see some signs of wear on the top of the motor-can. Could this have been causing the noice?

Perhaps ?.. When you re-assemble, verify all screws are tightened on front of motor where axle comes out and verify if Axle Grub screws are tight at the end of the Can also , then try again and see if noise is still occurs ?

Also try without Gear cover to see if it does’nt have anything to do with the Motor Gear ?

Sounds like your belt moving over under load and hitting that cover.

Ok, I solved the problem by simply cleaning the motor. My guess is that some debris were pushing against the can, creating the weird noice. Motor works great now!

maybe the dirt was putting motor out of balance due to centrifugal force. neat stuff

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