Sk3 6374 motor keeps breaking, need UP Grade

So i have been trying to get my board right but my sk3 6374 kept coming apart and being wiggely untell the point where you can’t use it i have tried changing the screws (m3) because they kept breaking or wiggling lose to the point where it damaged the screws holes and I tried replacing them with lock tight and it still didint work, are there any other motors I could use that are better I’m using a vescx rn so if theres a motor witch is bigger than the 6374 that it could run it’s be cool

what brand motor are you using?

turnigy sk3 6374 192kv

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SK3 are some of the best motors out there, just make sure all the screws are tight,…if not add Loctite and re-tighten.

I did and it broke the screws so I went to change them again and add lock tight but the threads where so fucked by then I just went back and is un useable

Only other thing you can try would be to is use a 5mm Tap and redo threads one size bigger , new 5mm bolts and use Loctite.

If you try this ,take motor apart not to get any metal chips in motor.

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