SK3 - 6374 Motor shaft

Hi, Is there any way to put a longer shaft to this engine? I have searched but can not find a replacement shaft that is longer than the original. Attached schematic to see the problem, I think it goes too tight.

Reverse the motor pulley?

I would have to bring the wheel pulley closer to the motor mount, to re-align the pulley motor and I do not think I have room for that either.

Can you take a picture?

I have not yet begun to build anything, only on paper.

…I have no solutions for virtual problems…:dizzy_face:

The only solution I found is this, but it requires more mechanization, and I do not have many tools for this, I want to keep it simple.

Hey, it not a real problem if your sprocket miss a millimeter of shaft :wink: But your last propose could work but I will shoose brace with 0.5 or 1mm more longuer.

What do you mean, brace?

Sorry … “entretoise” in frensh … maybe spacer in english ?.. Better in picture : The “spacer” between the wheel and the driver : or like my upgrade :


You’re right, I do not see the threads on the plate, they are embedded?

yes 3 spokes :wink: and also I like that you could also add a bearing more !

Do you think that the marked accessory is a shaft extender? the other (right) is sure to be to the rear of the engine.

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