Sk3 6374 motors £60 enertion mounts £40 full kit SOLD

Motors sk3 6374 192kv £60 1 left! Enertion Motor mounts £40 1 left! No custom charges Delivery £2.85 uk

Message me if interested

Full kit SOLD Includes Vesc v4.12 from
Sk3 6374 192kv motor Enertion motor mount Enertion pulley kit with belt Enertion battery enclosure 4x 83mm wheels 2x Caliber trucks Longboard Gt2b 2.4ghz Delivery £10

are the motors sensored/can they be ordered with sensors?

Hi not too sure cant find anything on the website but i think I read somewhere from @cmatson that most hobbyking motors are sensorless and that works best with vesc

correct, they aren’t sensored, but you definitely don’t have to have a VESC.; haha the VESC is just the best


kind will not sold separately?

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What is the belt length for the mounts and do they allow for reverse mounting? In the UK and interested.