SK3 Motor ...Equivalant or better Motors?

Which Motors can be considered as high quality and reliable as the SK3 ?

They have 5 Bearings per motor !

Looking because …SK3 6355’s dont have lower that 260KV.

Having 5 bearings should not be a factor in motor choice. What matters more is the durability, longevity, and size of the bearing being use.

…And SK3 Motors do have a great Reputation !

…Im suprised there is not much interest in Reliable motor info ?

One of the most important parts of our E-skates !

Well, that’s about the most reliable component of our boards. Look at DIY, Enertion, MEB…All vendors that make really good motors.

I agree with you @mmaner

Motors aren’t exactly a big issue. As long as you don’t cheap out

Some motors run well on FOC like the SK3 according to Chaka ,…some not so well?

Yea I’m not doubting that at all.

But if a motor runs on FOC well or not doesn’t exactly depict quality. It’s just different

Some motors require some additional adjustments to observer gain to get good foc operation without over current errors. sk3’s usually do fine with auto detection without additional “tuning”.

I’ve been holding off on trying out FOC even though I’m highly interested in it. I’m using SK3’s 260Kv,but I’ve been holding off since they arent sensored. Is the fact that the motor isnt sensored a plus or does it not matter really?

I’m using your VESC’s which I know are the most reliable but havent dared mess around with FOC settings yet.

Thanks Chaka. I remember you attesting yourself to the Quality of SK3 motors .

@ Randyc1 If you like the SK3 you will like this one. 5 Japanese precision bearings, internal fan, 100% high temp copper fill, hand wound, hardened axle shaft, dual keyway, internal hall sensors, Ninja N45UH type magnets, dust filter disc, extended front cap for protection and cooling, stainless nuts and bolts, 12 mounting holes for angle adjustment… Full Spec!



@Randyc1 I have about 500 miles on an SK3 and it is performing flawlessly in FOC and\or BLDC modes.


Nice motor Trampa…but $200.00 US for just 1 motor !!

SK3 are around $80.00.

I’ve had 2 sk3’s fail…they are nice but other esk8 motors feel more reliable for this application. the sk3 has a bunch of bearings sure, have you looked inside? a few are tiny things…

most motors being used now are from a few factories, similar designs. On a well balanced system the motor itself is not going to make a huge difference in real world performance. There are now a nice range of motors by price, just pick the one that works best for your budget and build.

What failed on the SK3 ?

Which Motor do you feel more reliable ?

The screws on the front plate came loose then broke off. fixed one the other is still in parts…

since then i switched to one from @JLabs and another old diy 5065 for testing. most esk8 motors have design like these with bearing outside the faceplate + circlip. very solid. no off axis wobble. the sk3 has most of that load on the 3 m3’s on front, bearing on the inside pushing against them…

Tacon’s have had a good reputation I might try that soon. or one of these Keep in mind they are cheaper, but most esk8 sellers have to add a markup to make them worth selling so they are likely very similar in quality.

I saw the thread where you talked about your sk3 problem ,…you have to admit it could have been avoided if the screws had been properly tightened ,…another reported tightning these screws and had over 700 miles on his SK3.

Not sure if these BG motors will last that long ??

yes of course, but are you going to take off your motor every week and make sure the screws are tight? maybe it was it a bad batch, but my point is these have another thing to worry about and need to maintain, with no upside since they are not the cheapest and there are many many more options now.

sk3s have been easy to get, thats why they are used.

and why not? just because its a random site? the design looks good i’ll orders some direct from the factory if that makes you feel better? lol :sunglasses:

One thing you have to remember is that the SK3 line of motors probably vastly outnumber any other Motor being used in E-skates.

Only time will tell if other motors will prove more reliable ?