Sk3 motor fan and windings

Hi builders! needed to open my sk3 245kv motor, because of three things: clean from dust and tiny rocks, install some metal mesh on those big holes what sk3’s have, and I noticed two windings were loose so that they just about to touch magnets​ :fearful: . And those loose windings could lead to short and sudden brake with superman flying thing to the traffic, where bus could smash me like a small bug on its windscreen.

So should i use some epoxy to glue them down? Maybe rewind it, is it too difficult? Can I use thicker wire to maintain same kv? What wire should I look for , if I decieded rewind my motor. Asking because one my friend rewined his motor, but wire was not right one, some not heat resistant emalie or something. It worked till it heated up and emalie of wires was melted. So there is some specific wire that should be used in our motors?

I also f***ed up screws where fan is attaching to motor body. Couldn’t open them even with heat, opened just one and rest 3 I drilled off heads.

Only one hole is great with thread, but rest ones are f***ed by me:

So those the purpose of those 4 screws is for holding just fan? Can I drill in different place on that fan and make threads? Only there will be not so thick material, but if purpose is only holding fan, I think it will be enough material to hold it with those screws. What do you think? And maybe somebody of you have some spare fan for sk3 63mm motor?

Can’t comment on the electrical work, might be a rewire, but on the threaded mangled holes, if there is enough ‘meat’ then suggest you buy a tap with the corresponding drill bit to cut a new thread 1mm->2mm larger than the chewed up threads if this does not weaken it too much. Alternatively you could move fill those mangles ones and cut now mounting holes nearby

you need “magnet wire” and very thin high heat epoxy to hold it down.