Sk3 silicon wire mod?

Has any one ever attempted or modded their Sk3 to have silicon wires by opening it up and re soldering on new wires?. Im finding with the original wires of the Sk3 are very stiff and the only pivot point is where the leads exit from the motor which may cause stress and possibly even fray the wires on day.

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Pretty sure @longhairedboy switches his out to high tention cable :zap: He could probably help you

I am wanting to do the same thing.

Is it difficult?

Im wondering if I even need to open up the motor or even if i just cut the original leads short and solder new leads to it?

That is what i did and it works like a Charm!

could you send some photos?

Just took apart my SK3, doesn’t help gaining access.

Just remove the heat shrink and cut the wires there, leave yourself enough to solder onto then add your new wires.

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are you performing this mod as we speak? hahahahahaha

At the moment i cannot. I will try the days when i got my board back.

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I was about to do the mod but then i realized i didn’t have enough wire. Currently waiting on a few meters of 10 and 12 AWG wire.

please share once you have done it! ill love to see how it turned out! :smile:

I do this to most of my motors because the wires are so stuff and often break when flexed. you just need some basic tools to get the motor open. Sometimes the phase wires dont like to ‘wet’ to solder. not sure why but hopefully you dont have that problem.

just clip off the existing leads up near the motor can, but leave enough to work with. Then on each of the three phase wires take your 10 or 12 AWG superworm and make a nice butt solder joint, and heat shrink it. Then when you have all three done, heat shrink all three of them and try to shove some of that heat shrink tube up into the motor housing if you can to alleviate stress on the solder joints.

That’s it. The existing phase leads on the motors are designed to handle the motor’s full capacity, so you don’t have to go all the way to the windings because there is no bottleneck issue. This is done purely out of convenience, and possibly safety, because superworm is springy and behaves better and will take more abuse, so its just better to use it on phase leads than the stock ones.

i do this will all of my motors with the exception of R-SPECS which come stock with the good superworm-type leads. The only reason i would change those is for aesthetic purposes.


they should end up looking something like this:

these are my NTM 270kv 5060s.

here they are on my rat board:


The lost are now found

thanks alot! this really helped! Are they still holding up strong?

yep! I mainly do this because i need the springyness of the superworm to keep the wires arranged neatly. Between this and the location of the wire channel terminals, i have zero stress on the phase leads, so they’re less likely to yank around and cause shorts in the motor, and the superworm is pretty tough stuff despite feeling soft. It can take abuse, and it will never crack and peel from flexing like the factory wires usually do on NTMs for example.

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Great! very re ensuring to know this mod holds up! thanks.

I performed this mod tonight. it came out pretty good. just that my sk3 has a different sound like it sounds deeper and has more of a buzzing sound. Im not sure if its i should just ignore it or if there is a problem. The motor still works just as good as it did. @longhairedboy and ideas?

A picture of the mod:

Looks really good!

I’m still waiting on more wire to arrive so i can do my build and do this mod.