SK8 ESC Turningy heating up , please need advice

Hi guys,

Sorry for another silly question, this is my first build. I connected my motor to ESC then ESC to batteries 2x 5s 5000mAh . after few seconds ESC got really warm, probably around 50C by feeling. It was just stand by, motor was not running. Is that normal ? I am bit scared as I dont want to blow it and I payed quite a money for it. ESC is SK8 turningy from hobbyking , should be able to do 12s.

PS : I did not program this ESC even though there is an option, manufacturer says it comes already set up ready to go.

Link the esc you have please

also after I paired my controller , motor was just doing like clicking sound and sort of turned 1 magnet ( I think) and I got 3 red flashes error. Could this be due to not setting it up specificaly to my batteries and motor ? still not sure about the temeperature thing though! I be happy for any advice. Thought this would be easier like connect hit remote and ride :smiley:

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Red lights not a good sign usually. Make sure your vesc is hooked up with the right polarity. Make also sure no any of your phase wires touch each other. Maybe also upload a picture from your set up.

Without motor detection it’s normal that motor not really spin. Watch the video @Grozniy linked too :wink:

I think you will be lucky if you haven’t fried your vesc

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Sounds like you have a short.

but how is that possible? no naked cables anywhere, ESC light up normally, right polarity, reciever got power too.


Look at the esc. It may have a bad solder on it. It’s not out of the rhelm of possibilities that you recieved a bad sk8 esc.

If you have flashing red lights on that vesc its dead. HK will replace it no problem if you open a fault with them. They will require the old one back most probably. And its always best to set it up before you use it if you’re running 12s.


I agree. Never ever think that they have set it up for you. I could probably guarantee they haven’t set it up for that exact motor.

You are lucky you bought from them though as they will refund the money or send a new one

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is there any anti spark in there at all?

I’ve actually found them to be a good vesc tbh. I only killed one due to a short and it displayed the three consecutive red flashing lights, it was purely my fault but HK replaced it without an issue.

No but it’s not needed, for testing a few times

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guys red flashing sometimes stops , then I am able to push throttle but motor only vibrates. still dead ? sorry for noob questions , also is antispark necessary ? since I got heaps xt60 allready. I really appreciate guidance and help from u !

Cheers Rich

Its got a bad connection somewhere and needs replacing. You run the risk of damaging something else if you try to use it. You really don’t want to short a lipo. Trust me. You need some kind of switch in there too. Either make yourself a loop key with an xt90s or buy an antispark switch. At the very least I would be using an xt antispark on the battery cabling to the vesc.

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What @dareno :point_up: said Plus for the future, doesn’t matter what hk wrote, you need to set up your vesc by your own. Without motor detection on the motor you use it will most likely not spin at all. If something not working next time you can always look up the faults on the terminal in your vesc tool. If there is a red light, there should be written what’s the fault means.

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This, you need to connect it to the computer and set it up. Otherwise it will never work. By trying to move it without detection you will just break the vesc. Please just set it up and all problems should go away. Unless it is already broken