Skate-A-Tron 4000 Superleggera | Carbon deck | 12S | Dual hub motor | VESC

first thing I have noticed, are that these things are BIG! much bigger than I am used to. I usually roll with 70mm wheels these bad boys are 85mm so they kinda make my board look like a monster truck I’m definitely going to need to buy bigger wheels for the front. Any suggestions?

I like them with kegel’s on the from that 5mm difference you don’t notice, I’m not sure the performance implications of bigger wheels on the back but drag cars do it lol! If you use different size risers then the deck will be the same hight.

Others wise 85mm speed vents.

I really hate blue heat shrink. somone remind me to buy some black.


Stop teasing and show us how they ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:

Well I have set up the hack board for initial testing. Unfortunately at this stage I have not finished making my 12S lipo packs so all I have are these 6S on the hack. So far so good. Although I havent got the v2.16 VESC firmware so I have downgraded them to v1.14 because that happens to be the version that works with the software I had… I’m sure I will find the firmware some where some time… but for now thays how im rolling. Also a severe lack of available JST plugs is making things a bit tough so i might just solder directly to the board. Probably easier anyway. I don’t even like plugs.


So I have started building my custom 12S slim pack. I pulled apartment 2 of the multistar 10000mah 6S packs and have mounted them side by side for a slim AF arrangement. I hear people talking about the multi star packs not being very good, but at around $7 per 10Ah cell im not complaining (yet)


That’s fantastic! Never seen those 10ah cells. Two of those 12s would be very nice.

oh, and I updated the title to reflect 12S now.

I’m not sure I explained correctly but Yes I have two of them, despite only one being pictured above.

If you make a video of soldering that would’ve motivated a lot of people including me. I’ve always been too freaked to solder a battery no matter how safe I rationalize it. Seeing u do it… But I’m on the 18650 wagon now…might never had been if I’d seen that video or these pics even. Simple to solder? Any sparks or near misses?:boom: Capture it next time please📸


super simple to solder. Although I have to admit, as experienced as I am with soldering I did have one minor hiccup with a small short!

I was using a “helping hand” soldering stand to hold the JXT

like this one. and the metal clamps had unknowingly shorted the exposed metal on the pins of one cell. fortunately I was very quickly aware of the short and I was able to stop it before any damage occurred!

just goes to show, its easy to make mistakes even when you are super careful.

I really want to take as many photos and videos as possible, but unfortunately I’m often lacking in the camera dept. I try to set my phone up on a tripod and film stuff sometimes, but it rarely comes out, and just gets in the way.

If I was to wait until someone could film things for me I would take forever to get things done.


How did you solder the aluminum battery tabs after you broke apart the spot welds? They are aluminum and hard to solder.

the tabs were not spot welded they were soldered. I desoldered them one by one, and then soldered short pieces of 10 gauge wire between each cell. I used a 1.6mm 60/40 tin/lead 5 core 362 flux solder and a high quality weller Iron with a 5mm tip (if exact details are your thing)

for what Its worth I was going to solder a triple strip of tinned veroboard between them all, but decided that 10 gauge was more appropriate, if not overkill.

I guess you were lucky. My 12AH, 6S was spot welded. I just made a massive cold solder joint when I split the lips into two 3s’s.

lots of flux mate, lots of flux.

The multistar 12000 is only 2c. Too bad. The 10000mah though great deal. At 10c and 10000mah that’s great. If u didn’t have a job u could probably sell soldered packs of those.

I have ordered some of that blue shrink wrap from ebay too, so it will look like a professional product when I’m finished.

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@lowGuido, Thinking about ordering 2 of these from HK since they are on sale for $50 USD ea. Did you do this to both packs?

Yeah man I did both packs. Except on the other pack I put the balance leads out the -ve side so when I stack themi have the balance leads on the same side of the board.

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