Skateboard for my son

Hi I’m building skateboard for my son. He is quite heavy and my fiik big daddy is to weak for him (130kg bodybuilder). I decided to go with with this combo: And

Plus remote and battery control unit.

Please advise me which mtb board and any supplier of good batteries. Thank you!

Why would you use such a huge motor? Check out some build in the E-Skate Builds category ( You can build a board that will pull a 250lb grown man for less than the cost of that motor.

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Thank you mmaner, maybe it’s sounds strange but I don’t really care about the budget. I already checked most of projects and I’m really surprised. In many projects motors weren’t used in proper way.

I like the idea of one good quality motor (much better efficiency). 6HP isn’t much in my opinion for dynamic ride. My problem is to find big enough board and battery. This motor weight is 10kg. Do any advice? Trampa is to small for him.

That motor is definitively overkill, even guys that build top end mountain boards that use much more power don’t use motors that big. Most people’s entire boards weigh less than 10kg


No budget…dream come true :).

There are some really big boards out there, look at Arbor and Jet. Here are some that I like, might give you some more info to consider.

The reasons for using dual motors is available torque, less heat generated, capacity use is almost equal to single motor usage among others.

How much weight are you wanting to move? I have a friend who I built a board for who is 6’4" and weighs 265. I used a 10s Lipo pack with dual 190kv motors and he blazes all over with it.

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Have you or your son ridden a dual board? They are plenty powerful and what limits they have generally aren’t due to lack of power…

I’m curious to see how this build shapes out…seems like overkill, but I could be wrong, also that’s the beauty of DIY…you make what moves you, both literally and figuratively.

Look at this build [email protected] It s monster.

Or PM @longhairedboy, he makes some sick boards. They are very powerful, lots of torque, essentially bulletproof. Here’s one he did awhile back.

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If you were to use the motor you linked, how would you mount it under a skateboard? I think 2 or even 4 6374 motors would have too much torque to handle.

I can’t tell if this is troll post or not…

Seriously though. Listen to people on here. Get some VESC’s and some 63mm outrunners. Get 4 if you need torque.

And whats this about motors not being used properly?


That motor weighs 22 pounds and is 8" in diameter…

Most people here seem to underestimate the power you need when you try to go offroad.

I started my 4wd with standard VESC’s and stock power settings (60A) but had to improve those heavily to run the settings I need offroad (100A+). So either wait for VESC 6, use VESC X or get other big controllers. Paired with 4 SK3-6474 and high gearing (I use 8:1) this can get fun.

If you want to modify a mountianboard, take a look at a ‘Next Redux’. It has a huge strong deck and robust trucks.I upgraded my build with this deck.

Yesterday a friend of me (140kg +35kg board) drove my 4wd board offroad. Going uphill he was constantly pulling around 5kw…

wow. That’s good to know.

I’m wanting to dip a toe in full AT boards this year and i was wondering what kinds of power draws you guys are seeing.

That is overkill:D you will be limited by batteries anyways (same as we are with 63xx motors already…).

That’s insane. Very interested in the battery and motor controllers being run. 5kw would have to be what 12s5p at the very least?

@Irish - cool of you to build for your son. Also being a big guy (about 125kg likely fully geared - about 120kg in boxers), let me give you some real world experience as a big guy esk8 rider…

You don’t need, nor do you want a 50+ lb esk8. (no offense i see you have Fiik - just about portability when not riding).

Instead get two 63mm motors - and gear down. I don’t mountain board but do ride fairly often and have had zero issue. a 4wd might be cool too, but not sure how you link them to control them all at the same time - servo splitter and 2 canbus pairs would be my guess w/ VESC.

I would stick to motor/belt setups and not hub motors unless going to 4wd. Even then i don’t think there are any mountainboard hub setups… you want to gear down to have hill climbing ability.

I’d look at the trampa board dual motors - or build one similar if you want a big guy mountain board. Get the new VESC 6 or try the VESC X to get a bit more amp handling. 6374 motors if you can squeeze them for the most power possible. Totally doable.

I’ve ridden dual 50mm, single 50mm, single and dual 63mm.


Thank you very much guys. A lot of information. I can see that I was wrong. I have to reconsider my plans. I’m from marine engineering background and I realised that my project was overkill. I will build something smaller.

If money is no object…I’d love if a member bought one of these and let us know how bitchin this is …and would def fit the requirements for your son … maybe abit over kill.


Could speak to @barajabali :metal:t2:

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He sure could :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot bajaboard is exactly what I’m looking for. My fiik is from Australia and I feel stupid that I didn’t know about bajaboard. G4X looks good.