Skateboard parts for sale

Hi everyone I am living in Germany and add a fire manage to save some stuff but can’t afford to fix the broad so I would like to get read of what’s left,I add ordered new stuff but change me mind anyone interested

Uploading: 9A33525D-A04F-4C73-89CB-FBD80AF8F0B6.jpeg… Uploading: 260F64B1-71BE-49E8-9077-AFCF1EA60B19.jpeg… Uploading: EE4AB9AD-8967-47FE-9AA9-75FCF3491C3F.jpeg… Uploading: ED109370-0836-470A-A465-100FD346DB64.jpeg… Uploading: 664ECBD7-C721-4CB4-8CA1-9EA95AD1650D.jpeg… Uploading: 7B8138A7-9E48-4363-B20D-CFB245122526.jpeg… Uploading: CB51BC3A-8E19-4BD2-BC1A-87FA008B39BE.jpeg… Uploading: 7056EF36-E4A7-4C81-8D95-BB0B64600FB6.jpeg… Uploading: CC4FFE32-F770-47B2-92FD-3DF638B73EE8.jpeg…

Hi how much for the race stars

I pay 65 for one new make me a offer please

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You might want to post this on the forum

How can I find it

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Search up online


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Hi how much for vesc?

Make me a offer

what would be the shipping to Poland?

You would have pay it,I don’t know how muck it will cost

i send you pm

I haven’t seen any

check now.