Skateboard parts

Hi. I want create sample elec. skateboard with 1 motor, 2 batteries, more power on climb to hills, speed is not important to me!

I found parts for my first skateboard but I not sure is that ok, so I need your help please:

  1. Is motor holder (hole 19mm) from –this– (or this) site will fit to –this– skateboard truck ?

  2. Between original Vesc speed controller which is so expencive (19,99USD), I see that peoples use

“FVT 120A Waterproof Brushless Sensorless ESC For 1/8 1/10 RC Car Skateboard ESC” for 45.38GBP, which is much cheaper. Look –here– Is that good speed controller for me?

  1. Baterry Turnigy 3s x 2 pcs from –this– site. Good?

  2. Other:

  • Motor 6355 190 kv
  • 2-4Ghz-Remote Controller with Receiver
  • wheels 4x 83mm

So, I waiting your opinion about that.

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If torque is your goal buy a 6374 170kw or lower. 6354 for single motor setup is a waste.

That mount is rubbish. Those trucks are not good for esk8. Esc is OK if you don’t need good brakes and speed. Batteries are good. Tell is your budget and goal. If you’re going cheap, ask @diyeboard or @dickyho. It will be the same price but better ride quality if you buy meepo or clone board.

Thank you for answers. I was thought about this 170 kv. So I will buy it.

Then which motor mounts are good and cheap?

Where is the best install motor, front of skateboard or on the back if I want climb uphill?

Budget are about 335 USD and goal is electric skateboard not to fast, but good for uphill(eg. When I going on beach).

You’re going to get nothing with $335. The average person here on this forum spends ~$1000+. Just buy a meepo for $420


i like the diye mount from amazon for 35 bucks

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you should really do more research before you try to build an esk8

have you seen the hobbyking kit? might work for your budget.

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Thank you Anti Pusher. My desk will be 80x20cm. How much must be trucks width to fit?183mm? (wheels outside of desk not looking good).

Danycro. Where are you from?

Yes they seem very legitimate as they can get you ~8 miles on a single charge, but beware that you are using a 170kv motor which would only give you ~15 mph. :snail:

I can made 2 baterry in series and 1 in parallel for more capacity?

Series doesn’t increase range. Parallel does.

Please do more reading on the forum

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I said ONE more battery in paralell! That is 3 baterrys.

You mean one more in series? Yes, you will get 1/2 more range(up to 12 miles). :sunglasses:

Please listen to @Apolo


B264 I found all parts, almost, for that money. If you don’t like this thread, please leave it.

There is some good guys which always help.

We are trying to tell you you’re going to spend more than that whether you think you will or not. If you choose not to listen, I will leave. Remember it was me volunteering my time to help you, for free. Don’t forget that.


Zackory Two baterry in series double voltage. Two in parallel double mAh?

I meant add one bateery extra to double mah, from 5000 to 10000 if is possible :slight_smile: Or need two, then must be four.

@appolo is so correct. My budget build, which was as cheap as i could get it was 400 bucks