Skateboard will only turn on when charger is plugged in

I’m a noob so I’m having difficulty diagnosing the issue. I’m using this 10s2p battery 36V 4.4Ah Capacity Battery 36v 4400mah Rechargeable Li-ion 10S2P Battery Pack | eBay

and this switch DIYE Electric Skateboard Power Switch 10AWG ON Off DIY Button Switch Anti-Spark High Voltage High Amp 180A 4-12S Longboard : Sports & Outdoors

alongside a flipsky vesc 4.2.

Cheap parts I know, but I had a limited budget. This setup seems to be working anyways except for the need for a charger to actually turn the skateboard on. Once it’s turned on I can ride it for miles if I’m careful with the throttle. It can turn off if I accelerate too much though, and then I’d need to get it to a charger to turn it back on again. I thought maybe the switch was faulty and I tried connecting the positive ends of the battery and the vesc directly, but this didn’t make a difference.

Two separate issues. ONE, you have a switch, that shuts down connti nuity on thru power somehow. The other is you are usi ng the bms discharge circuit. This will shut down power, if amps get too high. You are likely sending power thru a small gauge wire. How are you attaching the charge part of wiring?

Also, ebay chi ese batts are notoriously incapable of supplying enough amps. On top of that, 43.4 ah is small.

also thinking, will the power shut off, without the charger plugged in?

Maybe this is bad, but I’ve opted to charge directly to the battery since it came with a standard 5.5 barrel port.

This is how I’ve wired my parts. The wires at the XT60 female are quite a bit smaller, but I wouldn’t have thought that they’d be an issue.

Yeah the power does shut off sometimes when the charger isn’t plugged in. It started happening after I tried configuring the vesc to start hitting speeds at higher than 15 mph. Maybe that’s related to the battery being incapable of supplying enough amps. It never shut off when I configured it to run at a max of 13 mph and I was able to use it for about 8 miles before it ran out of juice. From what I can tell the seller salvaged the battery from another electric skateboard. It came in this case:


I got scammed with a seeming good deal for chinese battery, 24v. It throttled, ad cut out.

I am not quite understanding your wiri ng. That is not kosher is some way I cant qwuite get a finger on.

Yeah I agree the battery was a bad choice. I think it’ll probably be enough for a small and relatively slow board though.

I still don’t understand why the battery can’t power on the system on its own though. Maybe an issue with the switch?

Here’s a diagram, though it’s pretty simple. I had everything unplugged in the previous picture because I was checking the soldered points. I’ve verified that the smaller gauge wires on the xt60 were not an issue.

Need to see how you integrate y0ouur charge port.