Skikes!, ready to mount but what belt?

I’ve got my Skikes (thanks @Eboostin). I’m really looking forward to getting this aluminum deck on the road.

The wheel pulleu’s have 60 teeth and 9mm wide. I’ll be using Caliber II’s with a DIY motor mount & 16 tooth motor pulleys. I have HTD-280-5M-12 and its nowhere near long enough. I tried the Belt Length Calculator but I dont understand what center distance is.

Does anyone have any idea what belt I need to use? Hey @psychotiller, what belt size do you use on your 6" billet hubs with the 60 tooth pulley?


cool! I used to want those so bad. lol

ctc is center to enter based on your mount. usually about 60mm - 80mm depending on what style mount.

@saul Center to center being from the center of the wheel to the center of the motor pulley?

Correct! 10 characters

345 with a 16t motor pulley and a 66mm center to center mount

@saul @Tarzan @psychotiller Thank you all. Im as excited as a little girl on barbie christmas :).

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belts ordered…now the wait.

Glad you got them!

Those red anodized pulleys looks soo good.

I am really looking forward to this build, just taking forever to get all the parts and fab work done.

I hear that!

That is the one thing about these builds. Waiting on parts is the worst.

Still have two incomplete builds waiting on parts.

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The longest wait Ive had is the welder, geting the support rails welded on and then fitting the 3d printed enclosure. Then I’ll have paint, electrical, programming, testing…blah blah blah :slight_smile:

I installed the skikes in my arbor deck. They look great and give a very smooth ride. Getting some wheel bite, even with 1/2 inch risers. Also, a 260kv motor has too little torque with the increase gear ratio.

Here’s the wheel bite. Threw me like a bull :).

I have a 190kv motor I’m using on my aluminum deck, I think it’ll be great. I may need to extend the trucks though. I’m thinking a 2 inch long piece that is threaded on the inside for the truck axle and threaded on the outside for the bearings and nuts. I’m using calibur 2 10 50s. Is there suck a thing?


Hi! They look good! Have you tried to trim the deck a bit more instead of extending the trucks? Might work unless your feet get into the way after that…

Also @mmaner - by lack of torque do you mean the board is slow in acceleration or something else?

I’ll need to remember then that 260kv motor, 6’’ wheels and 3.75 ratio does not go well together;;

i dont wanna cut on thi deck. It was just a test for when i put them on my aluminum deck, and wheel bite shouldn’t be an issue with it. I just wanted to know if there was a fix all ready or if I would have to fabricate something.

Yeah, start up from a stop is pretty jerky and not at all if on an incline. I think the 190kv will be fine though. This is all on 6s as well, so that might be an issue.

@mmaner hah im glad I got the 190kv then… I was thinking about going 245kv to get the speed… but im glad I did not…

Im running 4.33 ratio (15:65) with 9inch wheels not 6in and I can almost start from a standstill and not much jerking happening…also 6s.

Very cool. It’ll prolly be a couple of weeks before I get my aluminum deck done, bit it’s gonna be fun :grin: