Slave motor randomly disengaging

It started to happen 1 hour ago, any pointers before I tear the board down?

cold solder somewhere?

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Loose phase wire?

Canbus or split ppm?

Canbus, are there any known issues?

I always glue/tape my canbus wired in because canbus vibrating loose from iffy Plastic jst connectors is likely what causes most people’s issues with canbus and slaves dying or having the settings reset on thier own.

I glued the can bus wire with hot glue, but the issue persisted. So I’m pretty sure I have a shot ESCape :cry:

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Try splitting ppm wire and configuring the second vesc maybe u just shot the can bus port and the escape works perfectly try a servo y splitter

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But if I recall there’s a problem with vesc 6 hardware with ppm wire y splitter has to have no ground or something like that

As anyone ever actually had a problem using split ppm on Vesc 6 or is it just a theory. The reason I ask is because the theory was suppose to apply to Vesc 4 as well and was proven wrong.

There was a thread on here with a vesc6 beta tester… but they received it after the schematic of the vesc6 was release in Nov 2016 if I’m not mistaken…I’ll edit if I can find the thread

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Sensor or sensorless? This happened to me last year with a 4.10 vesc. It was the hall sensor wire that was broken.

Ok, I have found the issue.

This is important for two things:

  1. ESCape is still ok
  2. I 'm gonna sleep good tonight
  3. I’m learning a lot, in this case I’ve learned that overvoltage faults are “always” caused by erratic connection on the power supply, this means bad solder connections between battery packs, ESC power lines or broken ESC capacitors legs.

Damn, problems again.

Now, I’m getting this issue:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV Current : -3.9 Current filtered : -0.5 Voltage : 46.57 Duty : 0.014 RPM : 0.0 Tacho : 616 Cycles running : 2 TIM duty : 117 TIM val samp : 2 TIM current samp : 4200 TIM top : 8400 Comm step : 3 Temperature : 38.58 DRV8301_FAULTS : | FETLC_OC | GVDD_OV |

Maybe caps got damaged? Try without the caps on the PCB?

That might be the issue, but before failing again I was able to run really stromg for 1km

Sounds like the cap or the trace from the cap

Unstable ground line. On hw 4.xx it’s solved by putting another cap parallel to c18. Don’t know how to solve it with your hardware though.

Edit: mostly happens in foc mode

That’s great to hear, the legs on the caps were very short, I soldered them back but I guess they broke again, I’m gonna try to find those caps locally

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