Slave VESC not always responding on startup

Hi guys, long time reader creating my first thread! :slight_smile: I’ve recently built an eMTB primarily for use on crappy roads and soft offroad through the woods.

I’m running dual VESCs on 12S and they communicate over CAN. I have a habit of always checking the wheel rotation after startup - by lifting up the back of the board - and sometimes my slave VESC won’t respond to throttle input. The LEDs start up perfectly and after about 10-30 seconds the VESC starts responding and everything works up until next power up. When this happens I have tried checking the motor rotation several times during the run and not once have it not worked as it should.

Approximately 4 days after I finished my build I blew the CAN-chips on both VESCs, so I had to replaced them - I did not experience this issue prior to replacing the chips and I have no clue if this can be causing this? It changes nothing to wiggle any wires, only waiting seems to help.

This only happens 10%-ish of the time and is not really a problem - I just can’t figure out why it is happening!

Any input would be appreciated. Thx :slight_smile:

This is my setup in case anyone would like to see it (tempoary placement of VESCs and Batteries, way cooler stuff comming in the near future):